Tiger Freshman Intro: Ian Simon

Missouri freshman safety Ian Simon has shown a lot of ability since arriving from Mansfield Texas and has been among the top freshman showing their abilities during the 2011 pre-season.

Toward the end of fall camp, ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with Missouri freshman safety Ian Simon  5'11"  180  4.4, and he talked about fall camp, and heading into his first season at Missouri.

"(Fall camp) is going very well,"  said Simon.  "I like it.  It's a challenge every day.  You know, you've got to step up, and accept it.  I think I've done that.  It's fun!  You come out and compete every day with the best."

"The biggest difference is definitely the speed,"  said Simon, talking about the challenge of moving from high school to college.  "That's the hardest thing to adapt to.  Everybody's fast.  Everybody's strong.  You've just got to adjust on the fly.  That's the biggest difference."

Simon credited the older players on the team with helping him learn his assignments.

"I've gotten a lot of help from my big brothers,"  said Simon.  "Kenji Jackson, Tavon Bolden, Matt White.  I got a lot of good help from them.  They've made it a lot easier for me to learn my plays, and the calls, and everything."

Simon comes from Mansfield, Texas, which is also home to Kenji Jackson.  Growing up, Simon always looked up to Jackson.  Now, Simon spends a lot of time with Jackson.

"It's amazing!  Growing up watching him play,"  said Simon.  "And now, we were roommates in the beginning of camp.  Getting to pick his brain, and learn from him................................... He's a great person.  It's an amazing thing just to be able to be around him and learn from him."

Simon reports a 37" vertical from pre-camp testing.  He talked about his goals for this season.

"My goals are, I came in strong, I want to finish strong,"  explained Simon.  "I want to remain healthy, and I just want to continue to get better every day."

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