Madison Thinks Defense Can Be Pretty Good

Heading into the 2011 football season, Junior DE Brad Madison was often the best player on the field in the spring, and has continued his dominance through fall camp. He talks about expectations for this season.

Heading into the 2011 football season, there's been quite a buzz about the quality of play of Missouri's defensive line.  Junior DE Brad Madison was often the best player on the field in the spring, and has continued his dominance through fall camp.  At the close of camp, and as the team begins to prepare for their season opener, Madison took time to visit with, and he talked about fall camp, and heading into the season.

"Camp went well,"  said Madison.  "We got a few injuries, but we're getting people back now................................ I think we're all just ready to get out and start playing.  We're preparing for Miami (OH).  So, we've just got to do everything we can to try to get better."

I asked Madison about the shoulder injury that caused him to miss part of fall camp.

"It's good,"  replied Madison.  "It's felt great the last few days!  I had a little sprain in my shoulder, but it's nothing serious.  I'll be alright."

Madison talked about Missouri's defensive line depth.
"We've got a lot of depth out here, at end and at tackle."  said Madison.  "I think we'll be okay.  We're just trying to compete with each other.  When you've got more competition, the better you're going to be.  The more guys we have ready that can go on the field, the better we're going to be, also.  Late in the game, late in the season, rotating's good for our position."

I asked Madison to compare this year's defense to last year's.

"I think we're going to be a pretty good defense,"  said Madison.  "We've just got to work, you know.  If we've can continue to be consistent, week in and week out.  That's what we've got to do.  We can't take a day off, or a week off.  We've got to come out every week, and play our style of defense."

"We've got a pretty veteran team,"  explained Madison.  "I think all of the veterans got to stand up, and get everyone ready to go for practice every day.  Preparation's huge!  And, that's something that the older guys have to take care of with the younger guys, week in and week out."

I asked Madison to assess Missouri's offensive line.

"Losing Elvis is tough,"  replied Madison.  "But, I think Britt is going to be great!  He's got what it takes.  They've got good depth there, also.................................. I'm just not real concerned about how our offensive line will play this year."

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