Kenji Jackson: "This Is My Last Ride"

Missouri senior safety Kenji Jackson is heading into his final season as a Missouri Tiger and the defensive stand out for Mizzou talks about what it's like know this is his last ride for Missouri

Earlier this week, one of the Missouri team captains, senior safety Kenji Jackson, took time to visit with, and he talked about heading into the season opener against Miami (OH).

"This is my last ride,"  said Jackson.  "It feels good!  We've come a long way.  We worked really hard over the summer.  A lot of work's been put in.  It's exciting to know that our game is right around the corner.  We're excited, and we're just ready to go and impose our will on someone else, a different color (uniform)."

I asked Jackson about his hamstring, which had caused him to miss more than a week of camp?

"I feel good,"  said Jackson.  "I feel really good!  I've been living in the treatment room, pretty much.  Our training staff has done a good job of taking care of me."

I asked Jackson if this year's camp was more physical than in previous years?

"More than ever,"  exclaimed Jackson.  "It's never been this physical!  Not to say, it's never been physical at all, but we've just been really at it."

Jackson talked about this week's opponent.

"We've been in preparation for Miami (OH) for a couple of weeks,"  said Jackson.  "They got better after we played them last year."
Jackson said that he's confident in the players who will join him in the Missouri secondary.

"They've done a great job,"  began Jackson, talking about his secondary mates.  "They all had a really good camp.  I feel like we all really work good together, no matter who's in................................... It's exciting to know that we have a lot of play makers back there in the secondary.  And, it's how good we work together.  It's going to be real fun to play with those guys."
Jackson talked about the defense as a whole.

I'm just anticipating us just to work hard,"  said Jackson.  "We're just focusing on this one game.  We're just focusing on our opponent this week.  Nothing else matters.  We have our game plan in.  We're all just on the same page.  We're just one unit, working to our common goal, which is to beat Miami.  It looks good.  We work good together.  We all know what's expected of us, from the coaches.  It's fun playing in this defense!"

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