Tigers Begin New QB Era On Saturday

The Missouri Tiger football program begins a new era at the quarterback position after sending it's previous three to the NFL. OC and QB coach Dave Yost talks about his new signal caller and what he expects to see.

As the Missouri Tigers prepare to host the Miami (OH) Redhawks on Saturday, in the season opener for both teams, Missouri Offensive Coordinator, Quarterback Coach, and Assistant Head Coach, David Yost, took a few minutes to visit with ShowMeMizzou.com.  He talked about the challenge that QB James Franklin faces in his first start, with all of the unknowns of going against a quality opponent with a new coaching staff.

"With Miami, we're watching video of a lot of different other people, that they've kind of put their staff together from,"  explained Coach Yost.  "Because they could do a multitude of things.  And, we've talked about all of the other things they could be doing, too.  So, there's a lot of what ifs, going into this, as opposed to saying, this is what they're going to do, and this is how we're going to attack them."

Coach Yost talked about the the size of the playbook, relative to a new QB.

"We've tried to figure out what he's best at, and what he does well,"  explained Coach Yost.  "He's better at things now, than he was in the spring.............................. The playbook is a little slimmed down, because we're trying to probably play a little faster............................... Some things are a little bit different.  The playbook is more suited to James (Franklin).  It's really what we think he's best at, at this time."

Coach Yost said that scaling down the playbook is typical of what they've done when they've had other first-year QBs.

"We try not to put too much on the QB too early,"  explained Coach Yost.  "Kind of let them gradually build into that.  Really, James (Franklin) has probably exceeded the responsibility, especially in the protection part of it.  We kind of kept that off of Chase (Daniel) until the middle of his junior year.  Blaine (Gabbert) did it last year, by the time we got to San Diego State.  He didn't do it at all as a sophomore.  James (Franklin) has done it more already................................. He is a pretty good student of the game, as far as learning things, and listening, and wanting to do it the right way all of the time."

Coach Yost said that they know that Franklin will probably make some mistakes, but they have a high level of confidence in their new QB.

"There will be some times on Saturday when James (Franklin) will look the wrong way, or do something wrong,"  said Coach Yost.  "That's part of the learning process, and the growing process.  But, he learns from his mistakes very quickly, and normally doesn't repeat them." 

"I think he'll go out and play really well on Saturday,"  said Coach Yost, talking about Franklin.  "I don't have any doubts on that.  The way that he's been practicing, the way that he's putting in (the time).  He came up today, and we went through every play from yesterday's practice.  He tells me everything he sees on each play.  He's seeing a lot, and understanding it, and kind of focusing on what matters on each play at a really good rate, already.  So, I expect him to play really well." 

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