Tiger Freshman Intro: Connor McGovern

One the the more impressive freshman in the 2011 class has been offensive lineman Connor McGovern. He spoke to ShowMeMizzou.com about his transiton to college football and his new position.

Missouri has a talented, and very intelligent group of freshmen along the offensive line.  During fall camp, ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with one of them, C Connor McGovern  6'4"  280, and he shared some of his thoughts about his first season at Missouri.

"Camp's been good,"  said McGovern.  "The big brothers help a lot.  The older guys really take you in, and show you everything............................ They really take you under their wing and show you what to do."

"Definitely, the speed and the strength of the guys is the biggest (difference between college and high school),"  explained McGovern.  "And how perfect that your technique has to be.  You go watch film, and you see how just one missed step can lead to a botched play.  It's pretty incredible just how much the little things count, especially for the offensive line.  Definitely, the speed and the ability of the players is a lot to get used to."

McGovern has moved to center since arriving at Missouri.  He talked about learning his new position.

"It's coming pretty quick,"  explained McGovern.  "It's just a little different.  I've never run this offense before.  So, I'm getting used to this offense.  I played guard in high school, so guard and center aren't that much different.  It's just that I have to hike the ball.  I've been doing pretty good on the snaps.   Just a little bit more work on the snaps, and I'll get there." 

McGovern expressed confidence that he'll get good at his new position.

"I feel that if I just keep working at it, that I can be good at it,"   said McGovern.  "The thing you have to do, is be able to go both ways.  If you're a guard, you have to be able to play right and left guard, so it's not that much different for me."

McGovern admitted that he and all of the freshmen linemen will have to get stronger.

"A lot of our guys are always in the weight room,"  said McGovern.  "We all like to do it, so that's a good thing."

McGovern reported a 5.0 forty, a 37" vertical jump, 18 reps at 225 pounds, a maximum in the bench press of 365 pounds, and a maximum in the squat of 530 pounds.  He listed his goals for this season.

"My goals are just to keep getting used to the position,"  said McGovern.  "Keep working on my technique, keep getting my snaps down, and keep learning the offense."

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