Tiger Freshman Intro: Brad McNulty

ShowMeMizzou.com introduces you to Missouri Tiger freshman offensive guard Brad McNulty and finds out his thoughts on the tansition to college footbal and what he needs to do to be his best.

Missouri G Brad McNulty  6'3"  290  is one of a group of talented, and very intelligent, freshmen offensive linemen for the Tigers this year.  ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with McNulty during fall camp, and he talked about getting started on his first year at Missouri.

"Camp has been good,"  said McNulty.  "I think really the key is to do exactly what the coaches tell you to do, and to do it better than anyone else does.  Which is kind of hard at times, but you've just got to go hard, keep your head down, and work."

"The football is definitely a faster pace,"  explained McNulty.  "You've just got to work your butt off, and just compete every day, and get better every day.  It doesn't have to be a big thing.  Sometimes it can be a little thing, but as long as you're getting better."

I asked McNulty what he does well, and what he needs to do to get better?

"I've been talking to Coach Henson,"  replied McNulty.  "He said that I need to get in the weight room, and definitely get stronger............................ I think I can always get better at technique.  Just watch the upper class-men, and see how they do it.  And, just try to mimic that.  And I think in that way, I'll develop that muscle memory, and get better at that.  Right now, I think I'm good at bending my knees, and driving people."

McNulty reported a 27" vertical jump, 17 reps in the bench, at 225 pounds, and a maximum bench press of 320 pounds.  He talked about his goals for the rest of camp, and for this season.

"To continue to get better every day,"  said McNulty, talking about his goals for this season.  "And, during the season, to continue to get better, and also to help my teammates get better

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