The real story on Linas Kleiza

In an exclusive report, has the complete story relating to the Linas Kleiza recruitment and whether or not he has committed to the Tigers.

Inside sources have confirmed that Linas Kleiza has not committed to Missouri or any other school at this point.

The stories broken by KFNS this afternoon are categorically false according to our sources.

Linas Kleiza is in Lithuania right now trying out for their national team. He is not expected back in the States until later this month.

At that time, he is expected to decide between Missouri and Carolina, who are his two top choices. Florida State, which was in the mix for several months, just received a commitment from super big man Alexander Johnston, so they no longer figure into the mix for Kleiza.

Kleiza continues to consider Missouri as a strong contender for his services, even after the Post-Dispatch's attempts to smear the Tigers' basketball program by blowing the Jason Conley phone call situation into a larger issue than it ever was.

However, it should be pointed out that it was Linas Kleiza who slightly opened up his own recruitment just for the University of North Carolina's benefit, so they can't be discounted at this point. believes that Missouri is still in a favorable position to get a commitment from Linas Kleiza, but it has not occurred yet.

Supermizzou has also confirmed that Kleiza will not sign a Letter of Intent, but will simply sign the scholarship papers and go that route to either Columbia or Chapel Hill.

We will continue to monitor this situation very closely and report the best information and perspectives as they become available.

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