Hunt Working Towards More Playing Time

Missouri red-shirt freshman WR Jimmie Hunt showed some of his playmaking ability with his first touchdown catch on Saturday and he talks about the work he is putting in and his goal for more playing time.

On Saturday, red-shirt freshmen receiver, Jimmie Hunt, caught his first pass as a Missouri Tiger, and then he broke away from a trio of defenders and took it in for a touchdown. On Monday, Hunt talked to about his first career touchdown.

"It was exciting to get into the game and be able to contribute to the win," said a smiling Jimmie Hunt. "My first catch, it felt good………………………….. Taking it to the house for a touchdown was a bonus.

"There was a guy on my back," explained Hunt, describing the scoring play. "Another one, it seemed like he was trying to come up and hit me from the side. So, I just gave him like a spin, and got him off of me with a little stiff-arm. And, it was to the house after that."

Hunt said that making a play like that gives him even more confidence.

"Any time I get a chance to contribute to the team, I know I can get the job done," said Hunt. "I have my role on the team. Everybody has a role on the team. It's all about getting your job done. When they put me in, I was trying to get my job done. Overall, it turned out to be a good day."

I asked Hunt if he thinks he'll see his playing time increase?

"I hope so," explained Hunt. "I would hope so. The coaches know what I can do…………………………….. Nobody likes to sit on the sideline. I'm a competitor. I love to compete. I'd love to be able to contribute. When I get on the field, I want to deliver my best."

Hunt said that the coaches encourage their players to be competitors. I asked Hunt what kind of feedback he's getting from Coach Hill, what he needs to do to move up the depth chart?

"He always give me positive feedback," explained Hunt, referring to the instruction he receives from Coach Hill. "He tells me about the things I do wrong. He lets me know to stay positive. Keep doing the little things. Run hard, get the correct depth, stay on his outside shoulder, come out of the break hard, make the catch, and get up field. Just being able to put it all together; the little things is what will separate me from everybody else."

"I work on something different every day," continued Hunt. "One day, I'll practice on breaking down to get a block. The next day, I'll try to make the catch, and get up field as fast as I can. Knowing what coverage they're showing. Really, just everything, all of the little things."

Coach Yost said that he's becoming more comfortable with playing Hunt in games.

"Jimmie had his big play last week," began Coach Yost, talking about Hunt's TD reception. "That was great to see! Steadily, he's played. And, he's kind of in the mode of trying to earn like what L'Damian (Washington) and Marcus (Lucas) are doing. Getting him in there more. Jimmie is practicing better every day. The more guys that we can play, the better. He was going to play more last week, even if the score hadn't been what it was, because he's been practicing better. It was great to get him in for a long, extended period of time in the second half. Even though we didn't throw the football much, he was on the field playing."

Hunt said that he was excited about the touchdown, but that he has already turned the page, and is preparing for the next game. I asked Hunt if he expects to play this week?

"Yes, I hope to play this week," replied Hunt, who added that he graded out perfectly against WIU. "It's up to the coach. I'm going to practice like I'm going to play………………………………… I'm showing them that I can get the job done."

Hunt is a player who is looking to catch the ball, and then do something with it after the catch.

"It's something that I've always tried to do," explained Hunt. "After the catch, I want to go score!"

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