Lucas Comes Up Big For Tigers

Missouri sophomore wide receiver Marcus Lucas has made the most of his opportunities when the ball has been thrown his way this season. He had his biggest play of the year this past Saturday and looks to become a bigger part of the offense.

One of the stars of Saturday's 38-31 OT victory at Texas A&M is sophomore WR Marcus Lucas  6'4"  205  4.5 forty  40" vertical, who pulled down an 11-yard TD pass from sophomore QB James Franklin to put Missouri ahead in overtime.  Lucas talked to about his second TD reception of the season.

Lucas likes the idea of being referred to as a star receiver.  He's worked hard to accomplish his goals.

"I just want to continue to help bring success to the team,"  said Lucas.  "Whatever I can do to help the team."

On the season, Lucas has 14 receptions for 213 yards and 2 TDs.  His 14 receptions is fourth on the team this season, and his 213 receiving yards is third-most on the team.  He's averaging 15.2 yards/receptions, which is second on the team to L'Damian Washington's 21.9 yds/reception.

"It definitely helps with my confidence (to have made those plays),"  explained Lucas, talking about the impact on his play of having had success on the field.  "Just being able to make the play whenever my name is called, it really helps being confident out there, not being so nervous.  Last year, when I would get out there, I'd be nervous, sweating, and just eager to get out there.  But now, it's just more of a relaxed approach to everything.  I know that I can make a play whenever the play is called towards me, or anything like that, when the ball is in the air.  I know that I can make the play."

Lucas said that it feels good to show the coaches that he's a playmaker.

"From spring ball to two-a-days, I've been trying to let the coaches know that they can depend on me,"  said Lucas.  "I can be accountable to make a play.  That's basically what I've been trying to do.  Trying to make plays, putting it on film."

Lucas talked about the chemistry that's been developing between himself and sophomore QB James Franklin.

"It's all about trust,"  explained Lucas, referring to the rapport that he and Franklin have with each other.  "I feel like we trust each other.

We talk a lot, on the sidelines.  He talks about the things that he sees, and I talk about the things that I see.  We kind of can get that relationship going just about where we're going to be on the field.  He'll tell me, if they're playing press coverage, then we'll take a shot down the field, on a fade or anything like that.  That's what happened on the last play of overtime."

Lucas catches that fade route better than anyone on the Tigers.  That was the first fade route for a TD that Missouri had connected on since Chase Coffman in 2008.  Lucas said that it's a play that he's been making since his high school days, and compared it to plays that he used to make on the basketball court, as well.  Lucas said that he and Franklin "click".  He said that it's easy to click with Franklin, whom he called a "great QB".

The humble, team-oriented Lucas continues to defer to the more established veteran receivers on the team.  But, the time has come for Lucas to shine in the spotlight.

"I just want to be able to do whatever I can to contribute when I can,"  said Lucas.  "Whenever the ball comes my way, I just want to be able to make that play, and help the team win."

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