Commits React To Missouri SEC Move has reaction from some of the Missouri Tiger 2012 football commits after news of the Mizzou move to the SEC. Including reaction from one who has become the target of an internet rumor that he wishes would stop causing negative Tiger fans feedback about him.

With news of the Missouri Tigers moving to the SEC breaking on Sunday, wanted to get some reaction from some Tiger commits about what they were thinking about the what conference they will be playing their college ball in.

"I am excited about it! I can say that I play in the SEC.I know it's a hard conference, but it will be amazing to play in it for a good football team like Missouri."-Parkway North LB Donavin Newsom

"I am very excited!"- Record setting QB Maty Mauk.

"I haven't thought about it much. My main focus has been on the playoffs. I wouldn't say I an excited or disappointed. I know Mizzou will be great anywhere they are."- Morgan Steward

"I think it's good. It's the best conference in the nation! It's exciting to get the chance to play in it."- Simon Goines.

"More competition is better. Anyone would be excited to play in the best conference in the country. That's what the SEC is."- Torey Boozer.

The most interesting development from this news was a rumor being spread that Lee's Summit West OL Evan Boehm was considering possibly re-opening his recruitment based on the news.

We spoke with Boehm's father and head coach Royce Boehm to find out if there was any truth to the rumor.

They are preparing to board the bus for a drive to Springfield to play Glendale in the playoffs tonight. Coach Boehm said that he and Evan were not prepared to take questions about his recruitment. When the KC TV stations came out to their practice yesterday, he thought they were there to cover his team's playoff run, and was shocked to discover that they were only interested in Evan's recruitment status.

He did say that Evan "is a Tiger", but was unwilling to address Evan's recruitment at this time, primarily because they are focused on the play-offs. He said that he would talk about it after the season.

Coach Boehm  also expressed that he was very angry and very upset to see the way that some Missouri "fans" are "bad-mouthing" his son on the internet based on a rumor.

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