Tigers Continue To Prepare For North Carolina

The Tigers continue to work on preparation for North Carolina, as well as getting in a lot of work for the young players on Sunday.Afterwards, Coach Pinkel talked about the team's third bowl practice.

On Sunday afternoon, the Missouri Tigers practiced in full pads for over two hours inside the Devine Pavilion.  The Tigers worked on preparation for North Carolina, as well as getting in a lot of work for the young players.  Afterwards, Coach Pinkel talked about the team's third bowl practice.

"It was an overall good practice today,"   said Coach Pinkel.  "We had a pads practice.  It paralleled yesterday's practice.  I thought we competed well.  It was a blend of getting work on North Carolina, and also making sure that we get our young players fundamental work and also some extra work as far as their offensive and defensive assignments."

There were no new injuries to report.  Cortland Browning wore a red pull-over on Sunday, and worked through most drills.  Only Matt Hoch and Grant Ressel wore red jerseys, and sat out all drills.  Among those who wore red pull-overs, and participated in most drills, were Will Ebner, Brad Madison, Travis Ruth, Kip Edwards, Kentrell BrothersElvis Fisher, Brandon Durant, Henry Josey, and Anthony Gatti were present in street clothes.  Coach Pinkel said that they expect Edwards to be 100% for the bowl game.  He talked about the extra work that the young players have gotten.

"They're working hard,"  said Coach Pinkel, referring to the extra work that the young players on the team are getting.   "All of those reps, it's just work.  You just chalk it up.  Those are additional days like spring football………………………………… The extra long work with the young players is over now.  We're going to get a little bit of work with them.  But, what we're really going to do is just focus on North Carolina."

Practice will resume on Friday after final exams.  Coach Pinkel said that they will begin game week Friday afternoon through Sunday, and then repeat game week after they arrive in Shreveport.

Following a lengthy special teams' period, the Tigers broke into position groups, and worked on some fundamentals.

During 1-on-1 pass-rush drills, Sheldon Richardson ripped his way past Austin Wuebbels for a sack.  Jayson Palmgren blocked Terrell ResonnoJustin Britt blocked Michael Sam.  That was a good job by Britt.  Dan Hoch took Jacquies Smith wide past the QB, and stayed with him for the win.  Dominique Hamilton bull-rushed Wuebbels back into the QB.  Richardson used that rip move again to pick up a win over Palmgren.  Britt won a closely-contested battle over Shane RayKony Ealy stiff-armed Chris Freeman to the ground as he ran right over him.  Max Copleland stone-walled Marvin FosterJimmy Burge bulled his way past Mitch MorseMark Hill regripped several times, while winning a closely contested battle with Lucas VincentTaylor Chappell picked up a win over Brayden Burnett.  Ealy blew past Freeman.  Burnett exploded off of the ball, and got the jump on Chappell this time.  Richardson bull-rushed his way past Mark Hill to win a closely contested battle.  Ealy ran past Freeman again. 

During 7-on-7s, James Franklin found Wes Kemp in front of Trey Hobson, out along the left side for a nice gain.  Franklin completed a nice pass down the left sideline to Jerrell Jackson.  Franklin hit Brandon Gerau for a short gain out along the right side, in front of E.J. Gaines.  Franklin hit Marcus Lucas for a big gain down the left sideline.  Lucas snatched that one away from the defender.

Jimmy Costello completed a pass out along the right side to Brandon Gerau, right in front to Kip Edwards.

Corbin Berkstresser completed a pass to Gahn McGaffie out along the right sideline, in front of Darvin Ruise.

During the Tiger Drill, Robert Steeples stopped Rolandis Woodland in his tracks.  Tavon Bolden stopped Jaleel ClarkJimmie Hunt ran through Xavier SmithGreg White ran over and through Daniel EasterlyMarcus Murphy powered his way past Ian SimonBud Sasser ran over David Johnson.  Earnest Payton stuffed Brandon Gerau.

During 11-on-11 action, Jimmy Costello brought the second-team offense out against the second-team defense.  Greg White took a hand-off over the left side for a big gain.  Steeples and Tony Randolph pursued him down the sideline.  Costello's pass attempt fell incomplete.

James Franklin and the first-team offense went against the first-team defense.   Franklin hit Michael Egnew on a slant.  Andrew Wilson and Kenronte Walker were right there to make the stop, after about a 6-yard gain.  Franklin faked a hand-off to Kendial Lawrence on a speed sweep, looked down field, then came back to Lawrence out in the left flat for a nice gain.  Franklin got one to Marcus Lucas deep down the left sideline.  E.J. Gaines had tight coverage, but Franklin's pass was right on the money, and Lucas made a nice grab with Gaines right there.  That was a perfect throw, just beyond Gaines' outstretched hand.  But even at that, the Tigers don't have many receivers who would have made that catch!

Corbin Berkstresser overthrew Jaleel Clark.  Berkstresser hit Jimmie Hunt down the left hash for a big gain.  Hunt just continues to make plays, and display his considerable talent. 

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