Red-Shirt Review: Corbin Berkstresser

With the regular season and bowl game in the rearview mirror, it's time to take a look at some of the notable Tiger red-shirt freshman, and their first season at Missouri. Signal-caller Corbin Berkstresser is first up.

During Missouri's early bowl practices, freshman QB Corbin Berkstresser  6'3"  220  got the chance to work quite a bit with the first-team offense.  Berkstresser took a few minutes to visit with, and he talked about his first season at Missouri, and we took a peek looking forward.

Berkstresser said that he really enjoyed the bowl practices.

"It's really fun,"  related Berkstresser.  "It's like a game again.  I'm getting (more) reps, and I'm able to compete like it's in a game."

Berkstresser talked about the adjustment that he's had to make this season, since he didn't play in the games for the first time since he can remember.

"It's an adjustment that I've had to make,"  said Berkstresser.  "But, it's been a learning experience…………………………….  I've spent the extra days doing footwork, and lifting in the weight room harder.    I've spent this year trying to get better."

It's readily apparent that Berkstresser has been working in Coach Ivey's Gun Club.  Berkstresser is in the best physical condition of his life.  Bigger, stronger, faster really applies to the gains that the freshman QB has made during his first season.

"Overall, my footwork has gotten better,"  said Berkstresser, talking about some of the other work that he's done.   "And, reading defenses, and learning the offense better."

I asked Berkstresser if he loves the process of playing college football?

"Oh yeah,"  replied Berkstresser.  "Especially since I haven't played (this year), you better love it.  You better love the process to success.  Hopefully, I can continue that process.  I do love it."

Coach Yost said that Berkstresser is making progress in getting the ball down the field.

"He's making good progress, and he has a good understanding of the offense,"  said Coach Yost, talking about Berkstresser's development.  "The spring will really be a lot of fun!"

Heading into the spring, Berkstresser is hoping to win the back-up QB job, and he intends to compete for the starting job.  Berkstresser has great respect for the guy who is in front of him on the depth chart. 

"(Franklin) is the toughest football player, overall, that I've played with, or played against,"  said Berkstresser.  "He comes in every day, willing to learn and willing to play as hard as he can…………………………………..  He runs hard, and he hits people!  I respect that."

Berkstresser is looking forward to being the back-up QB.  The young Missouri QB knows that being the back-up means that he's one play away from being in there, with his teammates relying on him.  He acknowledged that being the back-up QB is a big responsibility.  He told me that even just talking to me about it gave him chills.  He said that it just makes him want to work harder, to make sure that he's ready when the time comes.

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