The Latest On DGB's Recruitment

Dorial Green-Beckahm's father and head coach, John Beckham, talked with to give us the very latest surrounding DGB's recruitment as it hits the home stretch before signing day. What schools could still get official visits before February 1st?

Following a hectic week in San Antonio, where he was named Player of the Year, as well as co-MVP of the game, at the US Army All-American Bowl, 2012 WR prospect Dorial Green-Beckham returned home to Springfield (MO) to prepare for final exams, and to resume his senior basketball season at Hillcrest High. spoke with Green-Beckham's father, John Beckham, who told us that Dorial is "worn out" from all of the media attention he received in San Antonio, as well as the never-ending recruiting attention that Green-Beckham receives on a daily basis.

"(Dorial) enjoyed every minute of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl,"  said Mr. Beckham.  "He had a great time!  He just really had a good time.  He was really glad he went."

"It was a great honor (to have been named the Player of the Year),"  intimated Mr. Beckham.  "I know he was surprised by it.   I was real pleased for him."

Our discussion turned to talk of Dorial's recruitment, although Mr. Beckham continues to be guarded in his statements regarding the status of Dorial's recruitment.

"We had hoped to keep things as quiet as possible, and kind of let (Dorial) go through the process as quietly as possible,"  said Beckham, talking about Dorial's recruitment.    "There's just been so much media attention and scrutiny.   That was the biggest negative in the whole week that he was down in San Antonio was just how much he was just constantly being interviewed, constantly being asked about the recruiting, what school this and what school that.  What about this?  What about that?  There was a hundred ways that you could ask one question.  Then, everybody (mis)-interprets what he says."

Mr. Beckham related that some of the media jumped to the conclusion that Dorial favors Texas, simply because he wore his orange mouthpiece in San Antonio.  Mr. Beckham pointed out that Hillcrest's colors are orange and blue.

"Everything that (Dorial) does is scrutinized,"   Mr. Beckham continued.  "I mean, every little thing.  I think he's tired, and worn out with it.  We're looking forward to the process being over, and moving on to the next phase of it all."

Mr. Beckham confirmed that Dorial has narrowed his list of schools to include Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.   Dorial's visited all five schools unofficially, some more often than others, due to proximity and convenience. Thus far, Dorial has only taken an official visit to Texas.

As for additional visits, Mr. Beckham related that Dorial only has two more weekends with which he could take official visits.  Hillcrest is playing in basketball tournaments the second and third weekends in January.

Mr. Beckham indicated that they would like to narrow Dorial's list of schools even further, to include a list of three schools, or even a list of two schools, to help make the recruitment more manageable, as January rolls along.   Mr. Beckham indicated that they would like to avoid making those cuts public.

"I don't know if we'll make any of that public whatsoever,"  said Mr. Beckham.  "I'm trying to roll through it, down the stretch, as quietly as we can…………………………………….. These last few weeks, we're going to be as quiet as we can."

Mr. Beckham insisted that he doesn't know which school Dorial is going to choose, and he said that he doesn't think Dorial knows, either.

"I think there's a lot of positives at every school,"  explained Mr. Beckham.  "And, I think he could see himself playing for each and every school."

"Some of these schools have been recruiting Dorial for so long that I think it's hard for him to say no to them,"  explained Mr. Beckham.  "It's here.  It's time that he's going to have to make some hard decisions."

I asked Mr. Beckham when Dorial will announce his decision?

"It won't be any later than signing day,"  replied Mr. Beckham.  "He may wake up tomorrow morning and say, "Dad, I've got it."  Then, we'll go from there."

I asked Mr. Beckham about Dorial's upcoming visits?

"He's really got two weekends where he could potentially make some visits,"  explained Mr. Beckham.  "And, he may do that.  He's wore out.  He's got basketball, and finals.  He's just got so much going on.  We kind of hate to say that we're going to make a visit on (a certain) date, and then he doesn't do it."

Mr. Beckham said that they may visit Arkansas on January 22, following Hillcrest's participation in the Linbergh basketball tournament in St. Louis on January 19-21.  Mr. Beckham suggested the possibility of that visit occurring on Sunday, or even Monday, after the Hillcrest basketball team returns home from St. Louis.  He emphasized that that visit is not set in stone.

I asked Mr. Beckham about the status of the previously reported visit to Missouri, scheduled for the last weekend in January?

"We're going to try to make that happen, is all I can say,"  replied Mr. Beckham, speaking of Dorial's official visit to Missouri on January 27-29.  "I just can't make any promises.  But, that is the plan as of right now."

Mr. Beckham did confirm that Missouri is a serious contender in Dorial Green-Beckham's recruitment.

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