Tigers Welcome Redmond to Fold

It was well known a commitment from Steve Redmond was imminent, but no one expected a decision to be made on Friday. Steve gave the Tiger staff a good morning by giving a verbal commitment. He also gave a report on who stood out at camp.

Kansas City Rockhurst has traditionally been known as the football powerhouse in the state of Missouri. Featuring running back Tony Temple, Rockhurst once again looks to be one of the nation's premier programs. Not all of the success can be attributed to Temple with teammate and cousin Steve Redmond also starring on defense.

"When your watching junior film, you don't get a very good look of Steve," said one college recruiter. "Rockhurst did not send out the best tape in terms of catching the whole field so we actually had to accquire film from another area high school. Luckily, we were able to see he was a talented prospect."

Coach Severino is also a large reason Rockhurst has succeeded over the years, and also played a huge role in Redmond's decision.

"Coach had kept telling me that it was a good time for me to commit to Missouri as it was a good situation for myself," Steve said. "He knew my family situation so he knew Columbia would be good because it is far enough that I can be on my own, but also be able to drive home. I knew I was going to Missouri, but did not believe I would pledge this early. Then this morning before I left for Missouri's camp, Coach Sev told me today would be a good day. He said that since I like it there so much I should pull the trigger because they would treat me right."

Redmond did indeed follow plan by informing Coach (Andy) Hill of his decision when he arrived.

"I told him and he was very excited. He called over Coach Pinkel and I talked to him for a while. The staff has done a great job of really making me feel comfortable as I've known them for three years."

So does this mean Redmond will now focus on selling the program to his cousin Tony?

"I'm not going to mess with Tony as he will know what he wants to do. I'm sure I will joke with him at times, but I can never seriously attempt to tell him what he needs to do. We have always planned to play together, and I'm still very hopeful it will work out.

Temple accompanied Redmond today to Missouri's one day camp in Kansas City. Did he enjoy himself?

"Yeah, he had a good time. We mainly checked out all the talent."

Who stood out for Redmond?

"I was really impressed with ATH Michael Keenen from Oak Park. He was probably the most impressive of the day. There was also a running back/defensive back from Richmond, somewhere in Missouri I was told, that looked good."

Redmond is undoubtedly one of the top defensive prospects in the state of Missouri, but will also be featuring his talents on offense this fall.

"I'm going to play quarterback, too, as I have begun doing so in seven on seven work-outs. It is a confusing position, but I'll keep working."

Now with one of the star duo from Rockhurst in check for Missouri, there will be plenty to rave about this summer.

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