Missouri Offers Hosick

The Missouri Tigers hosted several unofficial vistors this evening including Staley 2013 QB Trent Hosick. The Tigers wound up extending a couple of new offers, including to Hosick, who spoke to us about his new offer and where he would play.

Two of the biggest questions among Missouri fans early in this 2013 recruiting season was would the Missouri Tigers offer Trent Hosick, and would it be as a Quarterback?

Well, those questions were answered tonight as Trent took an unofficial visit to Mizzou and came away with the answers both he and many Tiger fans were looking for.

"M-I-Z...,"said Hosick when he called me to tell me about his latest offer from his home state school. "Missouri offered me tonight, and they offered me as a Quarterback!"

Hosick was excited as he relayed his unofficial visit and conversation with Coach Pinkel.

"It was a great visit. A great experience. I arrived there and first met up with Coach Hill and Coach Yost who were talking with Alec Abeln. Coach Yost came over and we talked for a bit and then we walked around and I saw some current players. Then we went to Coach Pinkel's office and me and my family sat on his couch and we talked for about 30 minutes. He talked about his staff and the move to the SEC,and then he said you have an offer here and Missouri, and we want you as a quarterback. We think you can win champinships here for us at Missouri as a quarterback."

Hosick said that he was trying to play it cool,but inside he was about to explode with excitment and from hearing those words.

"It really meant a lot to hear that from Coach Pinkel," said Trent about the offer being as a QB. "Coach Pinkel said we want you to come in an compete for a spot and quarterback, and that they didn't want me to think about any other position but QB. He said that they might take two quarterbacks in this class, but that I am their number one target as the position."

Trent also talked about his conversation with Coach Yost, where Trent stright out asked Yost what reservations he had about him as a quarterback.

"I asked Coach Yost that flat out, and he said that any reservations he had about me that he knew he could coach out of me. That when they first saw me throw the ball at camp last year that I tried to muscle the ball too much. He said that they like my decision making and they like the way I throw the ball in watching my film."

Hosick had some high praise for both Pinkel and Yost after the visit.

Both myself and my family had a lot of respect for Coach Pinkel and Coach Yost, and how great of men we thought they were before tonight, and how classy we felt they handled everything with recruiting. They lived up to every bit of class we expected from them with the way we were treated> Relationships are so important to me, and I feel like I have a great relationship with both of them now. I am very excited about this offer!"

The Missouri offer becomes the 11th overall for Hosick and his second of the day as Kansas State also offered today.

Next on the agenda for Trent is to weigh his options.

I am very blessed that my hard work has paid off like this. I told myself when I was little that I would do whatever it took and work as hard as I could to be able to play college football. However, I never would have dreamed that I would have double digit offers by the end of February. Now, I will need to pray and hope the answer that is right for me."

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