Tuesday Tiger Spring Practice Report

On Tuesday afternoon, the Missouri Tigers practiced in full pads for two-and-a-half hours on Faurot Field. The practice was spirited and intense, and a battle for a fumble caused some concern about a potential injury.



On Tuesday afternoon, the Missouri Tigers practiced in full pads for two-and-a-half hours on Faurot Field.   The weather was balmy, with staff and spectators in shorts and short sleeves.

"Overall, I thought it was good work today,"   said Coach Pinkel.  "These practices are real intense.  There's a lot of hitting, and they're very physical.  And, that's good!"

It was a good day of practice, up until near the end of the 11-on-11s.  That's when James Franklin scrambled out to his left and Zaviar Gooden stripped the football from him.  Franklin dove after the football and a couple of defensive players, Gooden and Andrew Wilson I think, ended up on top of him.  Franklin came up favoring his right arm, and sat out the rest of practice.  He stayed until the end of practice, and then left the field with the trainer.

Henry Josey, Marvin Foster, and Mark Hill wore street clothes and watched from the sidelines.  Brad Madison, Sheldon Richardson, Anthony Gatti, Connor McGovern, Bud Sasser, L'Damian Washington, and Dan Carpenter each wore red jerseys and sat out all drills.  Elvis Fisher and Brandon Durant each wore a red pull-over, and participated in most drills.  Fisher sat out the 11-on-11s, and Taylor Chappell moved up to work with the first unit.

Following practice, Ashton Glaser was seen pushing a board across the field.

During the special teams segment, T.J. Moe, E.J. Gaines, and Marcus Murphy took turns fielding punts.

During the 9-on-9 short yardage drill, Greg White took a James Franklin hand-off and plowed straight ahead through a sizable opening. Franklin leaped high for an errant snap, and took it up inside for no gain.  Franklin took another high snap and ran around the right side for a short gain.  Mitch Morse was having trouble with the snaps, although he seemed to fix the problem as practiced continued.

Greg White took a hand-off from Corbin Berkstresser, and was met in the hole by Derrion Thomas and Braylon Webb.  Jared McGriff-Culver went over the left side.  George White and Shane Ray were there to make the stop for no gain.  Marcus Murphy took a hand-off and went around the left side for a nice gain before Matt White got a hand on him near the sideline.

During 7-on-7s, Franklin found Kendial Lawrence underneath the coverage, on a delay, and Lawrence turned it up for about 6 yards before Gooden and Wilson were there to make the stop.    Franklin hit Moe on a slant for a first down.  Tavon Bolden had the coverage, and made the stop.  Franklin got it out to Jimmie Hunt in the left seam.  Hunt turned it up and picked up a couple of yards after the catch.   Franklin's throw down the left sideline was right on the money.  He had Wesley Leftwich in between Kip Edwards and Wilson, who arrived with the football, and dislodged it from Leftwich's grasp.  Later, Franklin completed a pass to Marcus Lucas out along the right side for a first down.  Franklin and Lucas have such great chemistry in the passing game, it's really noticeable how much better the timing is between those two.  Franklin found Jimmie Hunt near the left sideline, and Hunt worked his way up field to near the first down marker.  Franklin found McGaffie in the left seam for a short gain.  Will Ebner came up to make the stop.  Franklin found Lucas near the right sideline for a first down.  Franklin got it out to Jimmie Hunt near the left sideline for a nice gain.  Then Franklin hit Eric Waters on the right side.  Waters picked up several yards after the catch.

Berkstresser zipped one in to Jaleel Clark, about 20-25 yards down the left hash mark.  Gahn McGaffie had to reach back for the football, and made the reception near his shoe tops for a short gain.  Matt White was there on the coverage.  Berkstresser rifled one in to Leftwich on a deep slant.  Leftwich took a hit, but he held on for a first down.  Later, Berkstresser stuck one in to Leftwich over the middle, in front of Braylon Webb.  Leftwich held on for the first down.  Berkstresser found McGaffie in the right seam for a nice gain.  Berkstresser found Clark over the middle.  Clark spun away from an attempted tackle by Daniel Easterly, and picked up quite a bit of additional yardage.

Ashton Glaser found Steve Drain over the middle for a nice gain.  Darvin Ruise tipped Glaser's pass, and Kentrell Brothers came up with the interception.   Glaser came back to Drain for about 6 yards near the right seam.  Ruise was there to make the stop.  Later, Glaser hit Kerwin Stricker on a slant.  Stricker took some punishment, but held on for a first down.  Glaser's pass was tipped and intercepted by Ruise.  Glaser's pass attempt intended for Darius White down along the right sideline was broken up with a big hit from Cortland Browning.  Browning was slow to get up.

During the 1-on-1 pass rush drills, Kony Ealy put a spin move on Elvis Fisher, but Fisher stayed right with him to pick up a win.  Justin Britt took Michael Sam past the QB for the win.   Jack Meiners picked up a win over Matt Hoch.  Mitch Morse blocked Jimmy Burge.

The Tigers worked quite a bit today with five defensive backs in the secondary.  Tavon Bolden was working as the nickel on the first unit, replacing Ebner.  Bolden, Webb, and Kenronte Walker are the Tigers top three safeties.

During 11-on-11s, Franklin completed a pass over the middle to Eric Waters.  McGriff-Culver took an inside hand-off over the right side for a short gain.  Franklin was under a rush from the outside, and he stepped up toward the line of scrimmage inside the pocket.  As he approached the line of scrimmage, Franklin rose up and hit Jimmie Hunt on a deep cross.  Hunt took it the distance.

In the red zone, Franklin eluded the rush, and started around the left side.  Zaviar Gooden stripped Franklin of the football.  Franklin dove for the loose ball, but Gooden recovered the fumble.  Franklin came up dangling his right arm and shoulder. 

Berkstresser found McGaffie out near the left sideline.  Braylon Webb knocked him off of his feet after a gain of about 15 yards.  Murphy took a tunnel screen and turned it up the left seam for a nice gain.  Berkstresser found Steve Drain about 20-25 yards down the left seam.  Nice catch!  But after just a couple of strides, Braylon Webb came up to make a big hit, and Drain fumbled the football.  Berkstresser dumped one off to Murphy out in the right flat.  Murphy worked his way up the right side for a nice gain.  Murphy really does a nice job of turning those short passes into long gains.  In the red zone, McGaffie took a slant pass from Berkstresser into the end zone.   Murphy took a hand-off, and worked his way in between defenders into the end zone.

Glaser completed a pass to McGaffie, who had to come back for the football.  Glaser completed a pass in the left seam to Darius White.  In the red zone, Glaser lofted a fade to White, who snatched it away from a defender in the front left corner of the end zone.

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