Chat Transcript from June 20th chats were always worth the price of admission on the old site. However, if Friday's chat was any indication, things have definitely been kicked up a few more notches over here. Tiger savants, drecar and JPRock were in the house as well as about 25-30 other folks. So, without further ado, here is the transcripted premium chat from Friday night. Enjoy.

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7tiger:: Hey Brad, can you hear me?

Brad Burgess:: What's up?

Brad Burgess:: Looks like there is graphic mode and text mode.

Brad Burgess:: I'll stay in text mode to transcript things tonight.

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Brad Burgess:: Ready for football to get rolling?

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Brad Burgess:: Hey Joey

MUJoey:: what's up fellas?

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MUJoey:: nice piece by Josh Clark.

Brad Burgess:: The folks will be trickling in...

Brad Burgess:: Yes it was.

7tiger:: Sorry, Brad, I got locked up and had to get out

MUJoey:: good news about Franklin being such a stud.

Brad Burgess:: Josh has established a nice relationship already with the coaches

Brad Burgess:: No prob 7tiger

Brad Burgess:: So Kirby thinks Chase will be the next commitment?

Brad Burgess:: A bit of wishful thinking perhaps?

7tiger:: JK thinks Humphrey will be next, but he's starting to feel good about Chase

MUJoey:: What REALLY sucks is that Darnell Terrell is going to Coffeyville.

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Brad Burgess: Hi Toger

MUJoey: Where did you see Kirby say Chase was next?

Toger: Hello all

Brad Burgess: He mentioned it in a chat the other evening.

7tiger: How many are we expecting tonight?

Brad Burgess: I'm expecting around a dozen or so...?

Brad Burgess: So will Pinkel keep the goatee?

7tiger: Didn't he say he planned to shave it?

MUJoey: Brad, by the way, sorry about calling the guy from North Carolina a schmuck.  He was so arrogant and disrespectful to Downtown.

Brad Burgess: I hadn't heard.

Brad Burgess: Joey, no sweat.  I was totally playing with the guy.

Toger: Are you expecting drecar and king to show?

Brad Burgess: Downtown rocks in my book.

Brad Burgess: I'm expecting them to be here, but ...?  drecar said he would have to stay awake... ;-)

MUJoey: Downtown  really rocks in any Tiger fan's book.

Brad Burgess: Can you believe Xzavie Jackson may be eligible?

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7tiger: It is 7:00 p.m. where drecar lives; past his bedtime

Brad Burgess: Hi Lake and JoCo.

LakeTiger: Hello!

MUJoey: That is great.  His numbers are amazing.  Defensive End!!???

Brad Burgess: 7tiger...not really, but when you lead the hard life that drecar leads, you just never know!

JoCoTiger: Hey all. Are we having fun yet?

Brad Burgess: Joey, that's where I'd put him.

LakeTiger: Must be talking about Brian Smith?

7tiger: No, X Jackson

LakeTiger: Is he qualified?

7tiger: Apparently, it's looking good

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Brad Burgess: Xzavie Jackson is just a freak of nature.  He has Smith's speed and much more size.

MUJoey: What a shame about Terrell, though.

Brad Burgess: Hi Mav

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Brad Burgess: Hi motom

Brad Burgess: Big shame about Terrell, although not unexpected

JoCoTiger: XJack can't qualify. He didn't go to K-State

MUJoey: Do you really think he can grow into a DE?

motom: Happy to be here!

Brad Burgess: Very funny JoCo.  Yes, the Snake fans are almost as myopic as the KU hoops fans.

LakeTiger: KSnake fans will crap their pants if he qualifies!

mav02: hi

Brad Burgess: question.  He's already pretty big

JoCoTiger: Yep, lord Snyder knows all.

7tiger: Josh Barbo might also cause them to void their bowels

Brad Burgess: Lake, if you believe Downtown's report, only Terrell will not qualify

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LakeTiger: In Downtown I trust...

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JoCoTiger: They didn't really want Barbo, they didn't get him either.

Brad Burgess: I wonder where we will play all of those TEs from last year's class?

Brad Burgess: Welcome JPRock and Blaker!

LakeTiger: OL?

JPROCK1: Hey Fellas

Blaker32: Hello all

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Brad Burgess: Welcome Rick

MUJoey: It always amazes me the arrogance of Snake fans.  That emaw thing is the most retarded thing I have ever heard.  It is freaking Mnahattan kansas!!!

Brad Burgess: JP, where would you play Xzavie Jackson?

JPROCK1: Defense

Brad Burgess: DE?

JPROCK1: Tigers need some DE`s


Brad Burgess: Yes they do.

MUJoey: and DT's

Brad Burgess: I think Brian Smith will surprise some folks.

JPROCK1: Yes he will Brad

Brad Burgess: Rucker is another athletic freak.  His triplejump is crazy.

Brad Burgess: Welcome Alumnus and Master Drecar

MUAlumnus: Danke


MUJoey: Especially at Rucker's size.

Brad Burgess: Naper...just like the old days, eh?

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Brad Burgess: No doubt.  How many truly built kids do you see exceling at triple jump?

Brad Burgess: mpls...!

mplsTiger: Hey!

Brad Burgess: This is really like old home week.

motom: Earl Stevens has really put on some weight.   Can he help in the future?

LakeTiger: If Rucker is a freak what would Jerrill Humphrey be?????

NAPERTIGER: Yes Brad!I really like your site!

JoCoTiger: A Supa Freak!

Brad Burgess: Naper...thanks.  We have awesome moderators and posters!

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Brad Burgess: Sader...!

Sader: What's up Brad...

Brad Burgess: Nada

drecar: Man that was exciting waiting in the other room

7tiger: we're up to 16; is Stu gonna be here?

Brad Burgess: What were you waiting for, drecar?

mplsTiger: Did you make any new friends?

Brad Burgess: I hope so 7.

NAPERTIGER: Hey JP who are the top 20 instate recruits this year?

drecar: the wheat to grow

Sader: We all clicked on the Chat link under the Message board link

JPROCK1: Humphrey is a lean muscled machine...anybody else seen him?

Brad Burgess: Naper, what sport and what class?

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Brad Burgess: Oh....!??

MUJoey: drecar, i had to miss it for some BSwith my girlfriend.  Anything juicy?

MizzouRick: Drecar..What the scoop on Horton

Brad Burgess: I better get rid of that thing.

JPROCK1: Top 20? I hate lists lol...however...

NAPERTIGER: Football 2004!

Brad Burgess: Dave, what's up?

Rage Dave: hey, this thing is a bit odd, trying to get the hang of it

drecar: Whatever eyesears says bet on the other way

Sader: Drecar...what were you alluding to with Donovan earlier?

drecar: He lives with eyesears

Rage Dave: Did I miss anything

Brad Burgess: Lake, to answer your question, Humphrey is another tremendous athlete.  He and Franklin are going to be scary good at WR.

mplsTiger: What is it with the state this year?

Brad Burgess: Where is eyesears?

Sader: You don't think Humphrey will outgrow the position?

JPROCK1: Temple,Jackson,Patton,Alexander,Humphrey,Gallimore,Franklin,Riggs,Redmond,

drecar: Eating donuts

Brad Burgess: I think Humphrey might, Sader

mplsTiger: Was anything put in the collective water supply about 18 years ago?

Sader: He'd be hellacious on D

Brad Burgess: I don't see Mizzou landing Gallimore.

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Brad Burgess: Sader...or as an H Back on offense.

JPROCK1: Eric is at the Nike Hoop Jamboree...which I should be

LakeTiger: With Pinkel all things are possible!

Brad Burgess: Welcome Oz!

drecar: He is closer than you think

JPROCK1: Don`t be so sure,`s still possible

MizzouRick: did humphrey commit?

TigerinOz: Hi ya Brad!!  sorry to be late

Rage Dave: Kirby thinks mizzou has a good chance at gallimore

drecar: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! silent

Brad Burgess: It is possible JP, but I think he really wants to play at Michigan or some place like that.

JPROCK1: Gallimore will go Big 10 Ohio St if they offered,Michigan or Mizzou

drecar: Not sure they will take him

Brad Burgess: No problem Oz.  We aren't formal around here. ;-)

JPROCK1: Yep, Has Big 10 ties

drecar: Takes a lot of the game off

NAPERTIGER: How about the wr Robinson out of KC is Mizzou recruiting him?

Brad Burgess: I really like Riggs.  Gallimore may be better right now, but Riggs has so much upside.

Brad Burgess: Ah, that's better

drecar: Patton will surprise early

Brad Burgess: Welcome MWIA2004

JPROCK1: I`ll take Jackson...and win a lot of games

TigerinOz: Pee or more beer Brad?

Brad Burgess: Welcome 91

JoCoTiger: JP, tell us why you like Jackson over Patton.

mutiger91: finally found it

MizzouRick: Naper..who the Robinson kid out of kc

Brad Burgess: glitch

Sader: Is there any chance we'd take both Patton and Jackson?

mplsTiger: If we get Jackson, I'll be thrilled.

drecar: yes

Brad Burgess: question about it.

TigerinOz: Yeah, know all about computer glitches!

drecar: and the qb from SA

Mizzouwinsitall2004: thanks for having me brad

mutiger91: how 'bout both Pattons and Jackson?

Sader: I really think jackson's going to pull the trigger

JPROCK1: Besides just being a man among boys physically...he`s a warrior...refuses to lose..

Sader: The QB from SA-at what position?

NAPERTIGER: Robinson is a tall wr out of Kc,don't know much more.

mplsTiger: I get that feeling too, sader.

Brad Burgess: It's possible we'd take three, but I don't think we'd get THOSE three

drecar: no way on nP

drecar: wherever he wants to play did you see his speed?

Brad Burgess: JP, who do you like better, Jackson or Chase?

MUAlumnus: QB from SA supposedly a good safety prospect

JPROCK1: He carried Webster on his back...just took over...huge heart to go along with that huge body

JPROCK1: and his passing is under rated

mutiger91: so what about humphrey?

Brad Burgess: How would you compare Jackson's body to Corby Jones?

Brad Burgess: 91, the word is that he has given a silent commitment

drecar: about 4 inches taller

mutiger91: why silent?

JPROCK1: I think they are 1 and 1a Brad....but Jackson is a fav of mine

Brad Burgess: I liked Danny's line about the dog chipping his tooth on Jackson

drecar: his booty isnt as big

Mizzouwinsitall2004: when does the lithuanian national team start playing?

JPROCK1: Bigger then Corby....more muscular

Brad Burgess: 91, I don't know for sure.  I expect an official announcement by Sunday, however.

drecar: about two weeks

mplsTiger: Heitert loves Jackson.  That's good enough for me.

JoCoTiger: JP, me likey the Jackson skinny. Thanks.

JPROCK1: he`s about 6`3"225  all muscle...runs like a fullback

mutiger91: good.  I want to lock 'em down with a big sign that tells everyone else to keep their damn hands off

LakeTiger: I would like to see Patton, Jackson, Temple & Gallimore commit...then watch the floodgates open...

drecar: Patton has the best arm but needs better mechanics

JPROCK1: big arm....refuses to lose

mutiger91: wouldn't that be the definition of floodgates opening?

Sader: Could DJ project to another position if we get both and Patton win's QB job?

Brad Burgess: I want us to have both QBs and turn them loose.  May the best player win.

mplsTiger: Lake, that is a clean lockdown..

Blaker32: Lake if all those sign I think the flood gates would have already been open\

LakeTiger: I think you would see kids lining up to commit then...

Brad Burgess: Good point Blaker

JoCoTiger: Yep, the damn would break if all those kids commit.

JPROCK1: Yes...he could play LB or DE...TE...good athlete...plays hoops

TigerinOz: How's Paulding's wrist doing?

Brad Burgess: I think Mizzou is in the best position recruiting wise as they have been in 20+ years.

JPROCK1: for Webster and was mong leading socrers and rebounders

mplsTiger: It's a nice year talent-wise to get such a haul.

JPROCK1: Totally Brad!!

Blaker32: I saw Paulding play this week, he was wearing a splint but playing well, really shooting it.

Sader: Brad, any scoop?  I may have to put the little one down here soon.  She's been a handful last two nights and wife took care of her last night....I owe-plus I'm out of town next four nights.

mutiger91: We need to beat Nebraska so that Mike can get his picture taken on top of the goalposts wearing black and gold this time

LakeTiger: Go 9-3 this year & then watch the fun begin!

Mizzouwinsitall2004: i agree about the 20+ yrs, our basketball team is preseason numb 3 in the nation

Brad Burgess: And if Mizzou really does pull an 8-win out!

TigerinOz: Great thanks Blaker!

JPROCK1: Grea talent this year and some good ones ID`s for 06,too

Brad Burgess: I love seeing Nebraska fighting KU for recruits in football.

mutiger91: and KU winning :)O

Brad Burgess: Precisely

mplsTiger: Will nebraska be shut out of MO again?

mutiger91: only time I root for KU (recruiting against NU)

TigerinOz: Yeah-- ManJiggle is quite a recruitment poster isn't he?

Brad Burgess: Mizzou isn't even offering Lance Brandenburgh from Aquinas.  Nebraska is all over him.

Mizzouwinsitall2004: our baseball team just went to the ncaa tourney, our football team is preseason numb 25 in nation, and bball numb 3, it's a great time to be a tiger fan

JPROCK1: They pull 8 wins and a bowl and do it in style with Smith and you`ll see the national kids come

LakeTiger: KU nows has Abe Vigoda & Curly in the same athletic dept...

JoCoTiger: I love KU's total football cluster, uhh, mess. If they never win another game, I'll be thrilled.

mutiger91: It's gotta be 9 wins

Brad Burgess: JP...couldn't agree more.

mutiger91: I have $$$ on 9 wins

Brad Burgess: I will be happy with 8 wins, but I could easily see more.

Sader: Hope ya win 91!

JPROCK1: Brandenburgh is a nice HS player....but the Tigers are in on better talent

mutiger91: like Van Alexander

LakeTiger: Alexander is faster than Brandenburgh...

mutiger91: by .2

Brad Burgess: If we thump Nebraska in game 6, there are a lot of downhill games after that.  Good teams in Columbia, etc.

motom: I collect $10 if we win 7.

JPROCK1: Alexander is better

Brad Burgess: Alexander is a speed freak.

drecar: next year we could have as many as 10 legitimate d1 lb's

mutiger91: great quote from NU board today

Brad Burgess: I spoke with Chase Patton's dad one night.  You should have heard him rave about Alexander...!

Sader: in state or on team?

mutiger91: "All MU receivers are bigger than 6'2"  No husker receivers are bigger than 6'2""

Brad Burgess: Van Alexander is an urban legend in mid-mo.

mutiger91: rural legend?

LakeTiger: Doesn't having Barry Odom & Alexander at Mizzou help in recruiting Chase?

drecar: Ray and Bracey soon will be too

Brad Burgess: certainly should.

Brad Burgess: 91...good point!

Blaker32: (91 columbia is a budding metropolis

mutiger91: needs to bloom

mplsTiger: It's amazing the number of freak athletes in the state in one year.

Brad Burgess: Ray and Bracey will be a factor sooner or later.

Sader: Too bad they're all DB/WR!

Brad Burgess: mpls...agreed

drecar: two years from now could be better

mutiger91: where were all these guys 2 years ago

JoCoTiger: Yep, would like more DE's and DT's. But all in good time

mplsTiger: and the fact that we're getting all of 'em!

Brad Burgess: mpls...I wonder how many other years the bootheel had similar kids and we just never bothered to look?

JPROCK1: MPLs....wait til next year....there are alot more...speed,spped and more speed

Brad Burgess: The SEC always seemed to look.

7tiger: Two years ago?  They were all going to Michigan State and Wisconsin

mplsTiger: Perfect.

TigerinOz: Think you're right Brad-- nobody looking

mutiger91: just visiting for MSU and Wisky

mutiger91: ok maybe not Wisky

mplsTiger: Brad, lots, for what I hear.

Brad Burgess: We couldn't even get Sam Pittman to visit freaking Kirkwood!!!  How would anybody ever get down to Cape?

Mizzouwinsitall2004: brad.. i live near the bootheel and there are some talented kids in this area

drecar: I would put this years combined all stars against any state

Mizzouwinsitall2004: i live in cape

mutiger91: drecar, even Tejas?

drecar: YEP Qb's

Brad Burgess: know that that area always has a handful of really good athletes.

mplsTiger: Pittman, what a lowpoint in all of Mizzou athletics.

Mizzouwinsitall2004: yes they do, and this year is no exception

Brad Burgess: My favorite all-time story was the Mike Anderson fax episode.

mutiger91: disgusting

JPROCK1: True years,too....that`s why you`ll see Mizzou reduce it`s recruiting area

Brad Burgess: No more Missouri in Florida

Brad Burgess: Yeah.

JoCoTiger: That whole 1 year desperation overhaul was sad.

JoCoTiger: That whole 1 year desperation overhaul was sad.

Sader: how hard is it to expand back out if talent level drops off instate?

NAPERTIGER: Brad lets stop talking about the dark times of Larry!Pinkel is just the man!

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drecar: send four to Texas and the rest stay here

Brad Burgess: Rocky!!!

(Rocky59 left)

Brad Burgess: drecar...agree with that.

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Brad Burgess: Colo!

Rage Dave: What about national recruits

Colotiger: What have I missed?

JPROCK1: They`ll come Rage

Brad Burgess: Everything

drecar: almost all will come from Missouri this year

Mizzouwinsitall2004: brad.. how do we sit with the 3 kids from new madrid?

Colotiger: Damn! Figures

Brad Burgess: Colo, I've been transcripting the whole chat.  No worries

mplsTiger: I think the idea is that with a ton of success, it shouldn't be too hard to go more national.

motom: Let's not forget to recruit Illinois w/in a 50 mile radius of St. Louis.

JPROCK1: Oh...we just predicted the entire class we`ll sign and profiled them all,Colo :)

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drecar: That is part of Missouri

Brad Burgess: MWIA...I know we are interested in one of them, but it may come down to numbers.

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Brad Burgess: Rocky: should I stay or should I go...!

TigerinOz: Brad-- you don't think we'll hit Texas and Okla in recruiting in the future?

JPROCK1: Exactly,Brad...Givens is the best of the group

Sader: Is the IL commit too short for Pinkel?

Colotiger: Who will be the 2 Qbs and which one will commit first?

mutiger91: I say in-state duo

drecar: couple of surprises from Moore methinks

Mizzouwinsitall2004: is givens our most probable?

Brad Burgess: Okay, I've had my spies looking into who that MONSTER from Moore is...

Colotiger: Has Pinkel given up recruiting Pa. and Ohio?

JPROCK1: Gut tells me Jackson and Patton....Jackson first....he`s getting itchy

Brad Burgess: I don't think we have offered him yet.

Rocky59: My computer is not  java enabled.  I had to get on my wife's and then she knocked me off.  How do you enable java?

Brad Burgess: I kind of want Jackson first.

drecar: givens is a given

mutiger91: rockyt, it's a browser security setting

7tiger: Gotta run (at least temporarily); I'll be back later if I can swing it

Mizzouwinsitall2004: thanks drecar

(7tiger left)

Colotiger: We seriously haven't offered Jackson?  If Jackson commits, and then Patton, will that spook Jackson?

JPROCK1: I think we`ll get him Brad....he loves the staff

Brad Burgess: No, we've offered Jackson.

drecar: First you brew it then you drink it

mutiger91: that too

Brad Burgess: JP, do you know anything about that monster LB from Moore, OK?

drecar: He says he been dreaming about playing for the tigers Jackson

JPROCK1: Don`t be surprised if Jackson commits by end of summer

Sader: The freak in the pictures from KC?  Holy smokes!

Brad Burgess: Sader...exactly.

drecar: He is a holy molyer

Brad Burgess: The kid looks like an NFL player already

Sader: that's just not right for a HS kid.

Brad Burgess: Hell no!

mutiger91: it's right if he's coming here

Brad Burgess: Can you imagine lining up across from THAT?

JPROCK1: Not really Brad....I know the oklahoma kids are popping up all over the place

drecar: We own Moore

LakeTiger: JP...thoughts on Nick Patterson & Arthur Miller?

Colotiger: What about the kid from Broken Arrow?

Brad Burgess: I wonder about Patterson and Miller not ending up at MU?

Sader: Drecar...what's the connection?

Brad Burgess: JP, have you seen Jason Hayth?

drecar: great recruiting over a sustained time

drecar: Jp how you reading Horton

JPROCK1: Patterson family has big dreams.....Ohio St. Notre Dame,etc....don`t think the feelings are mutual ..yet

Brad Burgess: I'm getting the feeling that our staff is exhausted after the Linas affair.

MizzouRick: Is the mu-Iowa st. moving to turkey week-end

drecar: I think Quin feels he has him and brown

mutiger91: sure seems that way

Blaker32: I got that feel this week as well

Brad Burgess: Rick, it sure looks that way

JPROCK1: Miller is an enigma....other matters outside of football could be a ?

Brad Burgess: What do you all think about that change...?  Good thing?

drecar: Like grades

mutiger91: great thing

mutiger91: helps us prepare for bowl

LakeTiger: I'm all for games on ABC...

NAPERTIGER: Brad do you hear anything from Riggs'dad about how camp went?

mutiger91: and recruit

Brad Burgess: I agree with all of those comments.

JPROCK1: I don`t know what happened at Kirkwood....but they have a bucnh of talent coming through their system...would be nice to get some

mutiger91:'s always nice to get some ;)

JPROCK1: lol Well said

Mizzouwinsitall2004: will brad smith be considered a heisman canidate this yr?

Brad Burgess: Naper, they have nothing but great things to say.  Kyle is just getting stronger by the day.  He's also not even 17 yet.  Imagine how much more he could grow.

drecar: Pittman happened at kirkwood and the twins - Ford was brutally honest with the coach

JPROCK1: Ahhh the twins...pass

Brad Burgess: MWIA, not this year...NEXT year

mutiger91: how does honesty hurt

mutiger91: rather not have them blowing sunshine

Brad Burgess: Uncle Larry wouldn't have passed on the twins...I guarantee you.

JPROCK1: A TON of ego here in STL

Mizzouwinsitall2004: brad.. he may make himself one, whether they consider him one or not

mplsTiger: The twins? I'm missing something.

drecar: the kid from washington at Quins camp is a top 10 player

JPROCK1: The Smith kids

Brad Burgess: was a year or two ago.

JoCoTiger: Twins went to ISU didn't they?

Mizzouwinsitall2004: drecar.. i think dave telep has him numb 1 in shooting guards

mplsTiger: I'm drawing a blank for some reason.  That's OK.

drecar: coach wade told Ford they were as good as Doyle and ford replied we can't beat nu with doyles

(TigerinOz left)

Blaker32: Drecar whats the story on the kid from Washington

JPROCK1: Yes....they`ll realize their mistake this year

Brad Burgess:'s a lack of foie gras in your system!

Brad Burgess: drecar...and he was right

mutiger91: that stuff is nasty, Brad

drecar: Was at camp and has a great relationship with all of the coaches already

mplsTiger: Isn't that everyone's problem?

mplsTiger: '91, shame on you.

Brad Burgess: 91...if it's good, it's very good.  If it isn't...well, stay away.

drecar: Jp i assume you mean ISU

JPROCK1: I understand young Tyler has been averaging a double double at the hoop jamboree

mutiger91: I kept getting it served to me on Air France...yuck

JPROCK1: Yes,Drecar

mplsTiger: On an airplane?!!!!!  OMG!!!

Brad Burgess: Young Tyler...future Mizzou star forward?

JPROCK1: That`s the one :)

Brad Burgess: I like him....!

JoCoTiger: Tyler 1st commit of 05 Tyler?

drecar: jp i have a lot of people saying tyler before this season starts your thoughts

Colotiger: What about Eberhard's kid ... is Quin going to take a hard look at him?

LakeTiger: Any word on Luke Zeller?

JPROCK1: Talk about fundementally sound!

Brad Burgess: JoCo...think so!

Mizzouwinsitall2004: brad, i would like to make it a family affair of tyler and ben

JPROCK1: I say Tyler before his season ends

Brad Burgess: Why not MWIA?

Brad Burgess: I agree with JP.  I see Tyler committing EARLy.

drecar: I don't think we have a chance with Zeller

(MUJoey left)

Brad Burgess: Too bad.

Mizzouwinsitall2004: i sure hope you're right i would like to see tyler signed before the big rush on him

Brad Burgess: I would love to have that tie to Eberhard.

Colotiger: drecar -- Do you think Xzavier Jackson will actually qualify?  That's major good news if he does.

LakeTiger: John Brown & Al Eberhard made me a Mizzou basketball fan...

Brad Burgess: What are everybody's impressions of the new turf?  Love it...hate it...why?

NAPERTIGER: Jp or drecar name a couple of 04 football prospect sleepers?

drecar: I would faint if he did but Downtown says he did so he did

Blaker32: Love it, saw it in person this week

mplsTiger: The turf is fine.  If GP likes it, I like it.

LakeTiger: Love it!

JPROCK1: Imani Butler,Flynt Clemons, Tyler Missouri...theres a lot

Colotiger: Well, I really like what I've seen in the pictures.  Yeah, I'm not wild about the logo, but it will be more recognizable on TV.

drecar: There area a coupe in texas the coaches just don't want to give out their names

LakeTiger: JP...Michael Keenan?

Brad Burgess: Lake, drecar and I sat right behind John Brown at the Mizzou vs. UCLA regional game two years ago.  As my dad used to say, "The Great John Brown".  He was awesome, and a real gentleman as well.

JPROCK1: Sylvester`s a deep year Naper

JPROCK1: He`s not a sleeper a stud LB

Brad Burgess: Yeah, what about Michael Keenan?

LakeTiger: He was great!  I was pure Mizzou football before John Brown from Dixon MO showed up!

drecar: I think he and willie smith were are two best ever

Brad Burgess: MU hasn't offered yet, have we?

NAPERTIGER: Jp who are those guys and have they been offered?

drecar: Keenan will sign imho

JPROCK1: He loves Mizzou....ya hear  a lot of that these days amongst the kids....

Brad Burgess: They would still be counting Willie Smith's points if a three-point arc existed back then!

mplsTiger: OK, who are our next offers?  In state, I mean.

drecar: They have already offered about 20

Colotiger: JP:  Why hasn't MU shown much apparent interest in the two Kansas linemen -- Hasselhorst (sp?) and I foget the other guy -- from Cherryvale.

JPROCK1: None offered yet....most of them I IDed on that list I posted back in February

JoCoTiger: I've seen Keenan play. The kid can run.

mutiger91: Haselhorst was a lot smaller than Riggs in his picture

Brad Burgess: Mizzou has offered over thirty kids in Missouri/OK/Texas so far.

MizzouRick: Royals-10  StLouis-4 after 7

mplsTiger: Wow, that many?  I didn't realize.

Mizzouwinsitall2004: i talked to a guy the other day that was at a pick-up game in columbia and he said the paulding conley match-up was real fun to watch, he said they were actually playing defense and getting after each other pretty hard

drecar: No chance on Boss so why waste time

Brad Burgess: Concur drecar.

JPROCK1: Haselhorst has been offered from what I understand

JoCoTiger: Don't jinx it Rick.

NAPERTIGER: drecarnI only know of the big 13,who else do you know?

Blaker32: I was at the scrimmage I posted about as much on the other board

Brad Burgess: JP, wasn't he on Nightrider?

mplsTiger: OU or the Sssssnake.

Rage Dave: Royals are going down (or something like that)

drecar: Wait until Conley gets back in playing shape he will make RP a Wooden winner

(MizzouCPA joined)

(MizzouCPA left)

(MizzouCPA joined)

Brad Burgess: Welcome CPA

Mizzouwinsitall2004: blaker... how did you think conley looked?

mutiger91: make up your mind

mutiger91: :)

JPROCK1: However,you talking about 18-25 schollies....can`t give em all away yet

mutiger91: why not?

mutiger91: if they are the best guys...

Colotiger: Any JUCOs that have been, or are likely to be, offered?

JPROCK1: lol Brad...I only know him from Baywatch

MizzouCPA: greetings brad...and all

Rage Dave: sleepers can come up

Brad Burgess: True, but it would be nice to have 80% of the class tucked away to concentrate on the tough sells.

JPROCK1: No jucos...doubt you`ll see any

Brad Burgess: JP, you must be younger than me.

drecar: May break their legs

mplsTiger: I was still under the impression we were holding out in-state for a while (at 13).

mutiger91: let Manjiggle sign all the Jucos

JoCoTiger: Has the need for digging up sleepers lessened with a higher level of interest and more MO kids this year/

drecar: Might be a monster from coffeyville

Colotiger: What would seem to be the wildcard in all of this is if Solich is canned, a big name is hired, and NU puts the heat on some early commits.

mplsTiger: No Jucos?  Maybe a DE?

Blaker32: I really liked what I saw, he pushed Paulding and always answered his scoring.  I would have like to have seen the teams switched so the Conley was the primary option on his team.  He worked the ball but you could tell he wanted to take over

Brad Burgess: Maybe the monster from Coffeyville...!

mutiger91: colo, let's beat NU and take their cards...

drecar: Dont forget Conley is coming off a bad foot injury

Brad Burgess: I can't wait to beat NU this year!

JPROCK1: Can you all get used to the class being wrapped up by xmas and then cherry picking some national blue chippers?

Brad Burgess: I can.

Colotiger: Works for me.

Mizzouwinsitall2004: that's good, i want to see that kind of drive out of him

mplsTiger: It's wierd not being concerned about NU recruiting anymore.

mutiger91: I don't know how, JP

drecar: Blaker how much bigger is Conley than from his frosh  pictures

Brad Burgess: kidding.  The normal order has changed.

JoCoTiger: YESSSSSSSSS! I like the cherry picking part.

MizzouCPA: me too JP..... wouldnt mind acting like the big boys for a change

Brad Burgess: Hell, if Snake can have good football, hell has already frozen over.

Colotiger: Where do you think Richard ends up playing? 

(Sader joined)

mplsTiger: GP said it two and a half years ago: Put it to bed by X-mas.

Mizzouwinsitall2004: did pulley run the team as a point guard not a scorer?

JPROCK1: It`s coming if this year goes as I think it will

Brad Burgess: Do you all realize that it has been a decade since we have beaten Snake in football? 

drecar: Everyone bring some red doubleknit pants and white patent leather belts to the NU game for the bonfire after

mplsTiger: Exactly.  In his third recruiting class.

mutiger91: Well, it's been 25 years against the fuskers...I want that badly

JPROCK1: This is their last year to make serious hay....paybacks are gonna be a bitch for them

Sader: Little ones down-put her to bed every night listening to Marching Mizzou CD.

Brad Burgess: I want Nebraska the most, but I would have never believed we could go a decade without beating Snake.

Blaker32: He is a little bigger than the pictures, he is about the same height as Pauliding give or take and inch, but Paulding has about ten to fifteen pounds on him. The guy who really surprised me was Gardner, much bigger than I thought he would be

JoCoTiger: I'm reminded often BB. Snake is #1 on my "Tigers kick their ass" list.

Brad Burgess: Good for you Sader!  You are a good dad.

mutiger91: Sounds like a proper upbringing, Sader

drecar: They got shut out badly in the offensive skill positions last year

Sader: I'm trying...

mutiger91: need to put you up for a parenting award

MizzouCPA: JPR...I ll ask the same question I asked of Jon Kirby last nite.......if this season shows 8 -9+ wins, a good showing, maybe even a win, in a MONSTER will Feb's class be?

Brad Burgess: JoCo, where you live, they would be!

mplsTiger: There are obvious teams we want to beat, but putting the world right again and doing the Ssssnake has to happen....soon.

Mizzouwinsitall2004: blaker.. i thing gardner is going to surprise alot of us, he is a great athlete

Sader: 91-were you a member of band for must current CD?

mutiger91: nope

mutiger91: I marched '87 and '8u8

mutiger91: 88

Sader: Good stuff

LakeTiger: drecar...has Telep said Mizzou has a 25% shot at getting Horton yet?

Colotiger: Any notable no-shows among the newcomers in Columbia so far?

JoCoTiger: I know some Huskers too, but they are pretty good folks for the most part. Surprising huh.

Brad Burgess: Lake...HA ;-)

drecar: Coming soon I'm sure

JPROCK1: Godzilla monster like....9 outta top 10....some natioanls we haven`t mentioned yet

Sader: I think the weeks off before both NU and CU are going to be really beneficial!

Brad Burgess: JoCo, it's easy to be a great guy when your team never loses!!!

Colotiger: JP:  You haven't mentioned yet or you haven't heard of yet?

(Toger left)

Blaker32: I don't know how he will do.  Granted I didn't get to see gardner in the best setting he was forced to play in the post and guard Kevin Young.  He is good sized really needs to work on his handles and when I saw him he struggled a little with his shot, though it was only one time

MizzouRick: after 8 .....kc 10-4

drecar: I heard from a very solid source the NCAA will be sniffing in Fayettevillle

drecar: I heard from a very solid source the NCAA will be sniffing in Fayettevillle

LakeTiger: Brad...couldn't get Telep or Clark tonight?

JPROCK1: What Colo?

JoCoTiger: BB, I guess the test will be this fall

(RedCampus joined)

mutiger91: drecar, they may have to hold their noses

MizzouCPA: JPR.....JK said the same.....his words were "friggin unreal"

Brad Burgess: Lake.  Josh knew about it.  Maybe he got lost!  Dave is busy this time of the year.

drecar: following roy

JPROCK1: He`s right....very friggin

Brad Burgess: Welcome RedCampus

Brad Burgess: CPA...who were you referring to?

Blaker32: Alright guys its been real but I have got to go

(Blaker32 left)

Brad Burgess: Thanks Blaker.

JPROCK1: unreal....I don`t remember anything like this....closest was the TVZ year

JoCoTiger: Drecar, are you referring to Heath and the NCAA?

Mizzouwinsitall2004: does anyone know how josh's knees are doing? is he having anything done to them this summer?

Brad Burgess: drecar, I'd be careful about what I'd smell down there.

mutiger91: well, lets hope the results are better than the TVZ year

Colotiger: JP:  You said there would be some nationals "we haven't mentioned yet".  Do you mean you haven't mentioned them or you haven't heard of them yet.

Sader: NO all star games!

drecar: You guys know Quin and Floyd on the tube on sunday in sTlouis

MizzouCPA: BRAD...Jon Kirby, over at the competition

Brad Burgess: Sader...!  concur.

Sader: Wish i was going to be home to see that interview!

Brad Burgess: CPA...who did he say was unreal?  I missed the context?

RedCampus: Sorry I'm late, Brad, how could I find the text of what has already been said?  Thanks.

JPROCK1: I mean they know about Mizzou and are keeping an eye on them...the year goes as planned and I think you`ll see some new names pop up

JPROCK1: You can thank Brad Smith for this

JPROCK1: Talk about your perfect poster child

mutiger91: I'll thank him when we win 9 and I collect my money

MizzouCPA: BRAD......the question was, how MONSTER would Febs class be if we win 8 - 9+ this fall

Brad Burgess: BTW, for what its worth, Jon is a good guy and we've always been friendly.  I don't consider them the competition.  I love getting good Mizzou info no matter where it comes from

drecar: with the new arena and a great year this year the future looks great in bball

Rage Dave: Heard Floyd said Jmac never in danger of leaving

Brad Burgess: ya.  Concur.  Very monster.

Sader: I was surprised last night to hear about the footbal facility expansion!

(mustone joined)

JPROCK1: Jon is a good guy....does a great job...and I don`t like recruiting gurus lol

Brad Burgess: Dave.  Talk about a bunch of nonsense?  Has there ever been a bigger pile of crap than that whole story?

Brad Burgess: Welcome mustone

drecar: unless i misunderstood jk i believe he has heard the same thing about hogville

Sader: Was no story! that's the pile of crap!

Brad Burgess: Sader...exactly.

Rage Dave: Floyd and Snyder pretty much said it was overblown pile of poop... not those exact words of course

Colotiger: Brad Smith comment brings me back to my question about recruiting Ohio and Pa.  Seems like with Pinkel's background and with Smith being from the area, they might still try to mind that area.  But are they trying?

drecar: dj was the source for floyd

MizzouRick: Good nite guys-great job Brad

JPROCK1: It was a story....that was made up

Sader: Saw DJ this morning before his tourney-nice black T with Tiger right in middle of his chest!

Rage Dave: dj was floyd

NAPERTIGER: JP tell us something about Butler and McNeely? Have we ofered Keenan?

mutiger91: hard to recruit Ohio now against OSU

(MizzouRick left)

drecar: there are so many good young kids in missouri pinkel knows if we lock the state down we can win championships

Rage Dave: I still think dj has no business working for the tigers

JPROCK1: Tough with Michigan and Ohio St there to get the top kids Colo

JPROCK1: They pretty mcuh own it...and now with Pitt and Penn St will be back

JoCoTiger: Yep, Tressell and national championship makeit tough.

drecar: Imagine quin having to play golf with him yesterday

Mizzouwinsitall2004: why are we the only ones that can see this witch hunt by the st louis media?  everyone else seems to think we are thin skinned, are they crazy?

Brad Burgess: Dave, they moved Corby out to have a spot for DJ.  Let's face it, there's an old saying about keeping your friends close...

mutiger91: yes, they are crazy

Brad Burgess: And your enemies closer...

MUAlumnus left)

MizzouCPA: JPR...another question I asked Jon last nite........why not mine Illiinois, especially Southern Illinois?  .......practically in our backyard, lots of talent, too much to cede to the Illini

JPROCK1: Imani Butler is small but super fast...5`8,165  CB/WR top 3 track 100 meter guy...

Rage Dave: they are paying a guy is trashing their basketball coach

Brad Burgess: do you get control of such a guy?

mutiger91: well, now Q can stop by and say "hi"

JPROCK1: big time return man....average over 35 yards per return

drecar: I grew up in St. Louis and the only person who gave a shit about mU was Broeg

Brad Burgess: Make him part of the product that he used to trash.

JPROCK1: Plays at Parkway North

mutiger91: He already is a part, Brad

Rage Dave: that's good brad...

Sader: Ok, color me out of touch...what's DJ doing for the University?

mutiger91: Pinkel was giving him credit for changes in the camps in St. Louis

drecar: Causing problems

JPROCK1: McNeely 6`4"225 DE/TE from Jackson...

Brad Burgess: 91, not a big enough part apparently!

Sader: Thought it sounded like he was actually on payroll....

mutiger91: Short of making him head coach, let's get him on board and keep him there

Rage Dave: btw, Mike Smith of the PD is on our side, but he's getting his balls cut off by the paper from what I've heard

JPROCK1: I like him as a DE but he has good speed and hands but he doesn`t put much effort into blocking on every play

(jaydavid joined)

(Rocky59 joined)

LakeTiger: Is Pinkel opening up a San Antonio pipeline?

JPROCK1: otherwise he`d be a nice TE

mutiger91: welcome, Mr. Tomlin

drecar: This year is going to be fun because we are going to kick ass in fb and bb and Roy and Self will struggle

Brad Burgess: JAYDAVID, how are you doing?

JPROCK1: Who else did you mention?

Brad Burgess: Rocky, are you mute tonight? ;-)

mutiger91: welcome back, rock Java

Colotiger: JP:  Do you see Jackson moving from QB to another position -- I know he's not a speed demon but he has good size and seems likely to get bigger.  TE?  LB?  DE?

Sader: Evening Mr. Tomlin!

jaydavid: Doing Fine...Wishing I was In Columbia...watching workouts

Brad Burgess: Colo...I don't.  Although he could, certainly.

JPROCK1: He could....but I go to sleep nights dreaming of a backfield of Jackson and Temple....

NAPERTIGER: JP keenaan have we offered him or McNeely?

drecar: Look at it this way at least your not having to feed Zane

Brad Burgess: How is Zain doing in columbia so far?

JPROCK1: No on McNeely...Keenan I don`t think so...Keenan would be a Tiger if Mizzou want him me thinks

Brad Burgess: JP...what are we waiting for?  More people to find out about him?

Brad Burgess: ;-)

jaydavid: Zane says the workouts are tough...But He's getting faster and stronger he says

mplsTiger: Sounds like the staff is waiting on Keenan.

Colotiger: JayDavid:  I was looking over Big 12 commitments today and A&M seems to be kicking *&^ and getting more highly rated players than UT so far.

JPROCK1: It`s becoming a numbers game

mutiger91: hard to do when UT does the rating :)

RedCampus: Mr. Tomlin...I believe your son is the top recruit in our 2003 Class!

mplsTiger: Good.  I'd be disappointed if he said they were easy ;-)

Mizzouwinsitall2004: once conley becomes eligible is there goint to be enough minutes for everyone? aint it nice to have a team this deep? thank you quin!

Brad Burgess: JP, true.  Boy, it's nice to have a numbers problem, isn't it?

Sader: UT is about out of 'ships and A&M has about 10 spots left, +/-.

Brad Burgess: UT does do the rating...ladies and gentlemen...Bobby Burton!

JPROCK1: No kidding....I remember it being January and FINALLY getting a commit

jaydavid: Don't know about you guys but my feelings on Mack rown are...He's Toast...after the stunt with Major Applewhite...Who would play for him?

mutiger91: don't talk that way JP

Brad Burgess: JP, Snake is kind of in that position right now.

JPROCK1: Ronell Kayhill ...remember him?

Sader: Sure

Brad Burgess: I do

mplsTiger: Red...I agree.  Linemen rarelt get the hype, but we need 'em and he sounds like one of the best.

mutiger91: I hope Mack and Solich both hold their jobs for a few more years

Brad Burgess: I think Solich is in serious trouble.

NAPERTIGER: JP now I get your point about some good in state kids going elsewhere,we don't have room.

mutiger91: mpls, we need some stud DEs now

Brad Burgess: When has Nebraska EVER cleaned house with their assts?

drecar: Lord gets hurt and Solich won't make it through the year

JPROCK1:  Exactly would be impossible this year

mutiger91: let's hand them their "assets" this fall

mplsTiger: Ronnell was working the desk at the Exec Ctr the last time I was there.

RedCampus: Brad, do you believe David Richard will show up as a Defensive End in 2004?

Brad Burgess: Ronnell played at MU when my brother Matt played.  Matt said Ronnell was an awesome guy.

mutiger91: Red, that would rock!

Rage Dave: linebacker?

Brad Burgess: Red...or linebacker.

drecar: Pinkel is absolutely salivating over Sesay

Brad Burgess: Depends on how much he grows.

JPROCK1: Naper this year and next that is the problem the Tigers will have

Rage Dave: Where does Sesay play, and who of the tight ends move to what other positions

Rocky59: Hey!  i finally got my computer fixed.  I got a new one a couple months ago and apparently java was never downloaded.  since I never caught up with the conversation, I'll leave now and catch the next one.  Thanks Brad!

Brad Burgess: And nobody has mentioned David Richard's running mate, Mr. Massey.

PROCK1: I will probably post a top juniors list on here soon

JPROCK1: and sophs in Missouri

Sader: Any Mid MO kids on the list?

Rage Dave: Mr. Tomlin, do you think your son plays this year and is Missouri concerned about the defensive line?

JPROCK1: Yep..Jeff City has a couple...Hickman

Brad Burgess: Any Helias players, you mean??? ;-)

drecar: Sesay will play in run and play action and Howard maybe the H

Sader: : )

(Rocky59 left)

RedCampus: Brandon Massey will probably start at cornerback in 2004. 

JPROCK1: Helias plays varsity?:)

mplsTiger: I can't wait to see what Richard looks like up-close.

Sader: C'mon now...

mutiger91: I'm still waiting on Tiger talk for someone to ask Pinkel why he is signing so many Missouri kids all of the sudden.  I can hear him say "They told me to do it on Tigerboard"

Colotiger: What was the real story on Maroney?  Did the players really "blackball" him, and if so, why?

JPROCK1: I kid ..I kid

Brad Burgess: JP, with the shot at Sader's boys...!

Sader: All in fun.

drecar: He took Thunder to heart

jaydavid: Zane says he thinks he will redshirt...I'm not sure...He's surprised me before...He may be ready in August

(Rage Dave left)

JPROCK1: Or hoops Sader

mutiger91: I hope that means we are strong inside, JD

(Rage Dave joined)

Colotiger: I had heard that some players didn't react that well to Maroney when he visited and that they told the coaches, and that might have been the straw that persuaded the coaches to pull their offer.

JPROCK1: lmao Brad

Sader: I see where this is going...

Brad Burgess: Where it always goes

Rage Dave: Gotta go, wife is home later guys

(Rage Dave left)

Brad Burgess: Speaking of the dark side, where is TigerJB?

Brad Burgess: Bye Dave.

mplsTiger: I could see him go either way.  I think the depth at interior DL is OK.  If Zane really impresses though, I think he'll play.

Sader: Not sure...he knew about it..said he was very busy.

motom: Signing off. Work in the a.m.

(motom left)

Brad Burgess: jaydavid, who has Zane been impressed by, player wise.

drecar: I want everyone to add to a message I am posting on the football board asking where I send Downtown my dollar contribution towards getting a home computer.  Everybody lay it on him!

JPROCK1: Enjoy Minnesota

Colotiger: JP:  Yep, that's what I heard.

Brad Burgess: JP...I doubt Maroney reads our premium board.  And if he did, I'd tell him what I thought of him.

jaydavid: Zane just turned 18..this week...I'm sure he'll be a better 2 Technique at 19 than at I hope Pinkle redshirts him

JPROCK1: You heard right

mplsTiger: Hey, I may be able to just send him one!  Gratis!

JPROCK1: True....but I don`t wanna piss off anyone who I deal with in NorCo

Sader: don't need that crap at all!

Colotiger: drecar -- but will he know how to turn it on?

mplsTiger: I do.  Thank you.

Mizzouwinsitall2004: drecar, I'll pitch in for Downtown

Brad Burgess: Jaydavid...the real issue is that Zane will be a better DL at 22 than 18!

mplsTiger: Oh, you mean Laurence.

drecar: Just a pimp because he is so scottish

Brad Burgess: Poor downtown.  Destitute downtown.

Sader: Govt just doesn't pay!

mutiger91: that's what you get for civil service

jaydavid: Yes Brad...That is the real reason for the redshirt

Brad Burgess: You bet.

JPROCK1: Alright fellas....the female is demanding some`s been fun

drecar: He is the penguin deep pockets short arms

mutiger91: lucky you, JP

Sader: Thanks JP! 

JPROCK1: Have a great weekend

RedCampus: I missed the part about the Athletic Department adding facilities.  What facilities?  Expanded dining room, I hope.

JoCoTiger: JP Mucho Thanks

Sader: Yes..that's part of it.  More workout space too.


mutiger91: expanding dining room....something to do with a guy named Tomlin

Brad Burgess: You bet, thanks JP...always a pleasure.

mutiger91: :)

JPROCK1: You can catch me around...peace out hommies

drecar: JP I'll email you tomorrow about Horton

Colotiger: Yeah, my teenage son is ragging on me to get off so he can chat with his friends.  Great chat.  Hope you do it again soon.

Brad Burgess: You bet Colo.

JPROCK1: Please do Drecar....I don`t like all the stuff i`m hearing

MizzouCPA: drecar.....dont forget to cc: me on that

JPROCK1: I wish parents would stay outta recruiting sometimes

Brad Burgess: Take care guys.  It was a blast.  I'll post this transcript as a premium story tomorrow.  If you missed anything, you can check it out there.

drecar: CPA I think i lost your email

jaydavid: Nice to be able to talk with you guys...good bunch...My boy will be proud to play for you...See You soon

JPROCK1: Latah

MizzouCPA: see you, Old Man Colotiger

mplsTiger: The deal is, new weight facility, dining room moves to old weightroom, and offices expand into old dining.

(JPROCK1 left)


(Toger joined)

drecar: jaydavid it is a privilege to have your son play for us!

JoCoTiger: This has been great fun. See you all again.

(JoCoTiger left)

Colotiger: CPA:  I'm old, but you fart dirt.

Sader: You know, I think for the most part, the premium stuff here and onJK's board stay pretty quiet...not a lot of leaks.

mutiger91: You know if he starts next year, he can beat up on Texas

(jaydavid left)

drecar: See you later people remember Horton is 25%

RedCampus: Where can I read about the facilities expansion?  Where was this announced?  Very exciting development!

MizzouCPA: I'll get you for this Colo...remember, I know where you live

Toger: drecar, don't go yet

Sader: That's good..Kleiza was too!

Brad Burgess: Sader, I would agree with you.  It's pretty amazing.


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