Saturday Scrimmage Report 4.7.12

On Saturday, the Missouri Tigers scrimmaged inside the Devine pavilion for over two hours. This was one of the more important scrimmages of the year as far as setting the depth chart, and a number of players probably helped themselves with their performance on Saturday.

On Saturday, the Missouri Tigers scrimmaged inside the Devine pavilion for over two hours.  This was one of the more important scrimmages of the year as far as setting the depth chart, and a number of players probably helped themselves with their performance on Saturday.

As they have done all spring, the defense fairly dominated the day, and won the scrimmage by the score of 20- 8.

"I think overall, we did a lot of good things,"   said Coach Pinkel.   "Like any scrimmage, when you're the head coach, you get both good and bad things.  There's things that we certainly did well on both sides of the football.  I think that Corbin Berkstresser did some really good things today.   I think he's coming along.   I think that it's really good to see him improve.  Certainly, there's some mistakes in clock plan and some things like that.  There's some great lessons to learn there.  I think defensively, you know, I think we're making some strides there also.  So, I'm probably disappointed maybe in our field goal, our lack of progress there, and the competitiveness.   So, we're going to have to revisit that, and work to make ourselves better."

Regarding injured players, James Franklin, Henry Josey, Marvin Foster, and Mark Hill each watched practice in street clothes.  Franklin spent the scrimmage coaching the other quarterbacks.

L'Damian Washington, Brad Madison, Anthony Gatti, and Dan Carpenter each wore a red jersey and watched from the sidelines.  

Connor McGovern, Brandon Durant, and Sheldon Richardson each wore a red pull-over, and they each went through warm-ups, but sat out the scrimmage.  

Junior tight end Eric Waters watched from the sidelines in street clothes with what has been called a sprained MCL.  He is expected to undergo surgery, and will miss the rest of the spring.

With Waters out, Gahn McGaffie moved into the starting spot at the Y WR position ahead of Bud Sasser, and Kerwin Stricker moved up to the second string at the H WR position.

One interesting aspect of Saturday's scrimmage was the presence and utilization of SEC officials.

The scrimmage got underway with the number one offense coming out from their own end.  Corbin Berkstresser went under center, and the center-quarterback exchange ended up on the ground, with the defense recovering the football.

Not a great way to start, but overall, Berkstresser probably had his best day as a Missouri Tiger.  On the day, he was 18-31 passing for 255 yards, a TD and an interception.  In the red zone, Berkstresser found Gahn McGaffie manned up in the right front corner of the end zone.  His pass was on target, and McGaffie came up with the football.

Berkstresser was under some pressure from the pass rush at times, and he hurried some throws.  But overall, I thought it was an encouraging performance for the red-shirt freshman, as he demonstrated some progress.

Ashton Glaser looked pretty good, as well.  He completed a higher percentage, as he went 20-29 pass attempts for 211 yards and 2 TDs. Twice, Glaser hooked up with Rolandis Woodland for short pass completions.  On one of those, Woodland took the short pass and turned it up for a 40-yard TD.

T.J. Moe made 8 receptions for 151 yards, highlighted by a diving reception for a first down inside the 20-yard line.

Michael Sam terrorized the Missouri QBs, with 3 sacks on the day.  E.J. Gaines picked up from last season, and registered 2 pass break-ups.  In addition, Gaines kept Marcus Lucas off of the board.

As the scrimmage continued, Marcus Murphy took a hand-off from Ashton Glaser and worked his way up inside for about 5 yards.  Then, Zaviar Gooden got into the backfield to throw Murphy for a loss.  Glaser found Greg White in the right flat to get back to the original line of scrimmage. 

Berkstresser operated from the shotgun near his own 40-yard line, and got it out to Jimmie Hunt on the right sideline for about 9 yards, before Randy Ponder forced him out.  Berkstresser missed connection with McGaffie running down the left sideline.  Kendial Lawrence ran around the left side for a big gain.   Lawrence ran left again for a couple of tough yards.  Berkstresser found T.J. Moe out along the left side for about 5 yards.  Matt White was there to make the stop.  Berkstresser pulled it down and ran up inside for the first down.  Marcus Murphy picked up about 3 yards over the right side.  Murphy took a hand-off and made the first guy miss, but Tavon Bolden cleaned it up and held Murphy to no gain.

Glaser hit Kerwin Stricker on a cross for about 7 yards. Glaser found Jaleel Clark along the right sideline for a first down.  A quick slant to Rolandis Woodland netted a first down and then some.  Glaser found Bud Sasser down the left hash for a big gain.  Glaser hit Clark on a slant foe a short gain.  After a procedure penalty backed them up, Glaser  overthrew Clark down the right sideline.  Under pressure from Kony Ealy, Lucas Vincent and others, Glaser scrambled out and threw the ball away.  Greg White took a pitch from Glaser running left.  Michael Sam and Gooden strung it out and made the stop for no gain.  Greg White took a hand-off up inside for about 4 yards.  Will Ebner quickly closed it down.  Glaser did a nice job of moving around in the pocket, and got it to Sasser in the right seam for a first down.

Lawrence ran left for a couple of yards.  Matt Hoch strung it out, and E.J. Gaines set the edge, while a host of defenders arrived at the football.  Berkstresser found McGaffie on a drag route.  Gooden and Kenronte Walker made the stop after a short gain.  Berkstresser missed connection with McGaffie down the left sideline.  Later, Berkstresser kept it and ran over the left side for a short gain.  Berkstresser found Moe out along the left side, for about 8 yards.  Gooden was right there to make the stop, just short of the first down marker.  On third and inches, Murphy ran right.   Bolden and Walker stretched it out, and ran Murph out of bounds short of the line of scrimmage.

After an illegal procedure penalty moved the ball back behind the chains to start the next possession, Berkstresser showed good composure and hung in the pocket before he got it to Moe on a cross for the first down.  On the next play, Michael Same sacked Berkstresser.  Then, Sam and Ealy broke threw for another sack.  Facing third and long, Berkstresser found Moe on a delayed cross.  Moe advanced the ball across midfield to near the first down markers.

Greg White took a hand-off from Glaser and was stopped by Andrew Wilson and Matt White for no gain.  Ian Simon had close coverage on Stricker, and Glaser's pass deep down the right seam fell incomplete.  Glaser kept it.  Matt Hoch made the stop for no gain.  Glaser's pass intended for Stricker on a deep slant was broken up by Daniel Easterly.  Glaser dropped it off to Jared McGriff-Culver, who was brought down by Donovan Bonner for a loss.

Lawrence took a hand-off from Berkstresser and found a big hole up the gut for a big gain.  Berkstresser hit Moe on a drag route for 7 yards.  Lawrence ran around the left side for a couple. 

Later, facing second and long, Berkstresser gave it to Murphy, who ran right for a short gain.  Ealy strung it out, and Kip Edwards and Braylon Webb ran him out of bounds.  Berkstresser found Moe near the left hash for a first down.  Berkstresser found McGaffie in the left front corner of the end zone.  Moe took a short pass from Berkstresser and followed a great block from Marcus Lucas up the right side for a big gain.

Ian Simon came up with an interception of an Alex Demczak pass.

Glaser found Stricker on a slant for a first down.  Glaser found Sasser on a delayed cross for about 6 yards.  Then, Glaser's pass was thrown behind Sasser, who reached back and tipped the ball into the air.  It fell incomplete, but could have been picked.  Glaser hit McGriff-Culver out along the right side for about 5 yards.  Edwards was there to make the stop.    Glaser hit Woodland out along the right sideline for a first down.

The day belonged to the defense, although the top two QBs made some plays, and several of the receivers had an impressive showing, as well. 


April 7, 2012 – Devine Indoor Pavilion

Final Score – Defense 20, Offense 8

Scoring Plays

·         Wesley Leftwich 6 pass from Alex Demczak

·         Rolandis Woodland 5 pass from Ashton Glaser

·         Gahn McGaffie 7 pass from Corbin Berkstresser

·         Rolandis Woodland 40 pass from Ashton Glaser


·         Corbin Berkstresser – 18-of-31, 255 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

·         Ashton Glaser – 20-of-29, 211 yards, 2 TDs

·         Alex Demczak – 10-of-19, 66 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT


·         Kendial Lawrence – 8-59

·         Alex Demczak – 2-22

·         Jared McGriff-Culver – 3-15

·         Ashton Glaser – 3-15

·         Tyler Hunt – 3-14

·         Corbin Berkstresser – 3-12

·         Marcus Murphy – 8-4

·         Greg White – 4-3

·         Jordan Wade – 1-(-3)


·         T.J. Moe – 8-151

·         Rolandis Woodland – 5-80, 2 TDs

·         Bud Sasser – 5-62

·         Jared McGriff-Culver – 4-33

·         Joe Plevel – 3-36

·         Darius White – 3-27

·         Wesley Leftwich – 3-20, 1 TD

·         Jaleel Clark – 3-16

·         Tyler Hunt – 2-20

·         Jordan Wade – 2-18

·         Jimmy Hunt – 2-17

·         Gahn McGaffie – 2-15, 1 TD

·         Kyle Peasel – 1-10

·         Marcus Murphy – 1-8

·         Kerwin Stricker – 1-8

·         Greg White – 1-4

·         Cameron Chancey – 1-(-3)

Defensive Highlights

·         Interceptions

o   1 – Darvin Ruise, Ian Simon

·         Recovered Fumbles

o   1 – Robert Steeples

·         QB Sacks

o   3 – Michael Sam

·         Tackles For Loss

o   1 – Tavon Bolden, Donovan Bonner, Clayton Echard, Zaviar Gooden, Shane Ray, Darvin Ruise, Lucas Vincent

·         Passes Broken Up

o   3 – Tyler Davis

o   2 – E.J. Gaines

· 1 – Tavon Bolden, Daniel Easterly, David Johnson, Kenronte Walker, Matt White

Field Goals

·         Trey Barrow – 1-of-5 (Made: 43) (Missed: 31, 46, 40, 29)

·         Andrew Baggett – 3-of-5 (Made: 31, 43, 25) (Missed: 46, 40)

·         Blake Owens – 2-of-4 (Made: 31, 43) (Missed: 46, 40)

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