2012 Black & Gold Game Report

The weather cooperated on Saturday, as morning showers gave way to afternoon sunshine, and about 18,000 were in attendance at the Missouri Tigers annual Black & Gold game for 2012 to put the wraps on Mizzou's spring football.

The weather cooperated on Saturday, as morning showers gave way to afternoon sunshine, and about 18,000 were in attendance.  During the first half of Saturday's Spring Game, score was kept as in a typical football game, with the second unit competing against the first team on both sides of the football.  The second unit began with a 14-0 lead, in an attempt by the coaching staff to even things up a bit.

The first half ended with the reserves ahead by the score of 34-10.

The scoring in the second half was typical of other scrimmages at Mizzou, with the offense competing against the defense.  As they have done all spring, the defense came out ahead again, this time by a 5-3 score.

"We came through healthy, as far as I know,"   said Coach Pinkel, speaking of his team's Spring Game performance.  "I think that's the most important thing.  Certainly, when you mix and match players a lot, there's things that you've got to look at in their evaluation.  But for the most part, it was a good spring.  We feel good about it.  It was good game experience for our first-year players who hadn't played for a couple of years.  This was the first game opportunity since high school for them."

There were a dozen Missouri players, most of whom would be first or second team players, who did not dress for the game, as they are recovering from injuries.  Included among those who did not dress are James Franklin, Henry Josey, Eric Waters, Sheldon Richardson, Marvin Foster, Brad Madison, Elvis Fisher, Anthony Gatti, Mark Hill, Connor McGovern, Brandon Durant, and Dan Carpenter.   

"We had twelve guys who did not play in this game,"  continued Coach Pinkel.  "I think we'll get eleven of the twelve back, most of which will be in the (two-deep) depth."

T.J. Moe, handled both kick-off and punt returns early.  E.J. Gaines got in on some punt returns.  So did Ian Simon.

In the kicking derby, Andrew Baggett made a 47-yard field goal, and missed a shorter one.  Trey Barrow made a short one.

Corbin Berkstresser's passing numbers on the day, 13-20-1, for 187 yards and 1 TD, were pretty good, but I didn't think he played nearly as well as he did a week earlier.

"There's always good things, and things we've got to get better at,"  said Coach Yost, talking about his team's offensive performance.  "It was good to get Corbin (Berkstresser) out here.  You could say it's his first game action since high school.  It wasn't his best practice, but I've been through enough of these to know don't let that surprise you in the whole process.  It's his first time out here in front of a bunch of people watching, and it's good to get it out of the way……………………………………………. There were some things that we can continue to work on, and get better at." 

The top two tailbacks, Kendial Lawrence and Marcus Murphy, ran for 156 yards on 16 carries, an average of 9.8 yards/carry.  Murphy also chipped in with 2 receptions for 26 yards.

The scrimmage got underway with Ashton Glaser bringing out the second-team offense.  An option pitch to Murphy around the left side netted a couple of yards before Michael Sam and Will Ebner made the stop.  Glaser's pass intended for Bud Sasser was incomplete.  Braylon Webb was in the coverage.  On third down, Glaser found  Sasser for about 4 yards, but he came up short of the sticks.

Corbin Berkstresser hit Moe in the right seam for a first down.  Lawrence ran up inside for about 5 yards.  Berkstresser got it to Moe out along the right side.  He picked up a block from Marcus Lucas and was able to move the chains.  Shane Ray and George White pressured Berkstresser, who unloaded the ball out of bounds.  Berkstresser's pass attempt, intended for Gahn McGaffie on a deep slant was underthrown and incomplete.

Glaser found Jimmie Hunt down the right hash.  Hunt made a nice catch in between defenders, and outran everyone to the end zone.

Berkstresser found L'Damian Washington on a crossing route.  Donovan Bonner was there to make the stop, but not before Washington moved the chains.  Marcus Murphy took an inside hand-off and turned it up field for a big gain across mid-field.  Berkstresser pulled it down and picked up a couple before Bonner made the stop.  Berkstresser hit Moe right in stride on a slant, and Moe took it the distance.

Jared McGriff-Culver was stopped for no gain.  After a procedure penalty, Glaser was facing third and fifteen.  Lucas Vincent burst through and sacked Glaser.

Glaser's pitch to Greg White was a little bit behind him, and the ball ended up on the ground.  Kony Ealy was right there in the backfield, but White recovered the football.   Glaser's pass, intended for Sasser deep down the left sideline, was overthrown.  Sasser had a step on Kenronte Walker, but the pass was too high.

McGaffie went up high to make a reception of a Berkstresser pass for about 3 yards.  Darvin Ruise made the tackle immediately.

Glaser completed a pass to Rolandis Woodland out in the flat.  Will Ebner was there to make the stop, and the football came out and was on the ground.  Woodland recovered the fumble, but lost yardage.  Glaser found McGriff-Culver out in the right flat.  Tavon Bolden came up to make the stop for no gain.  Lawrence ran over the left side, then fumbled.  Cortland Browning came up with the football.  Glaser scrambled right but Michael Sam ran him down well behind the line of scrimmage.

Lawrence got around the left edge and appeared to have a step on everyone as he ran down the left sideline.  Darvin Ruise ran him down and saved the touchdown.  Ruise really showed some speed right there. Then, Brayden Burnett sacked Berkstresser.

In the second half, Murphy took a hand-off and ran about 41 yards before they got him down just inside the 5-yard line.  From there, the defense stiffened.  On second down, Tavon Bolden came across and stopped the ball-carrier for a short loss.  On third down, Ruise and Kentrell Brothers came across and threw Murphy for a loss.

Derrion Thomas got into the backfield and threw Culver-McGriff for a loss.

Greg White took a pitch running right for a short gain.  David Johnson and Jimmy Burge were there to make the stop.  David Johnson was stride for stride in coverage with Darius White down the left sideline.  Glaser's pass was overthrown.  Then, Glaser found Wesley Leftwich down the left sideline for about 15 yards.  A little later, Shane Ray got in the backfield and sacked Glaser.

"I'm looking forward to getting them into summer ball and get back into two-a-days,"  said Coach Yost.  "I hate it when spring ball ends, because I like practicing in the spring."


Scoring Description

·         1st – Jimmie Hunt 88 yard pass from Ashton Glaser

·         1st – Donovan Bonner 65-yard interception return

·         1st – T.J. Moe 32-yard pass from Corbin Berkstresser

·         2nd – Rolandis Woodland 35-yard pass from Glaser

·         2nd – Andrew Bagget 47-yard field goal

·         3rd – Trey Barrow 21-yard field goal


Tiger                Comp.       Att.      Yds.        TD            Int.

Corbin Berkstresser  13        20      187          1            1

Ashton Glaser          14        25      213          2            0

Alex Demczak           2          4          7          0            1

TOTALS                 29        49      407          3            2


Tiger                   Rec.      Yds.        TD

Marcus Lucas            4        81          0

T.J. Moe                  4        65          1

Jimmie Hunt             3      110          1

Rolandis Woodland    3        41          1

Marcus Murphy         2        26          0

Sheldon Gerau          2        15          0

Bud Sasser               2          9          0

Wesley Leftwich        1        20          0

L'Damian Washington 1        12          0

Jaleel Clark              1        11          0

Darius White             1          9          0

Steve Drain              1          7          0

Gahn McGaffie          1          3          0

Kyle Peasel              1          2          0

Jordan Wade            1          0          0

Jared McGriff-Culver   1      (-1)          0

TOTALS                 29      407          3


Tiger                     Att.      Yds.        TD

Marcus Murphy       10        87          0

Kendial Lawrence      6        69          0

Greg White               5        20          0

Alex Demczak           2        15          0

Tyler Hunt                1          7          0

Jared McGriff-Culver   2      (-2)          0

Corbin Berkstresser    4      (-8)          0

Ashton Glaser            8    (-49)          0

TOTALS                 38      139          0


Tiger                   INTs      Yds.        TD

Donovan Bonner       1        65          1


QB Sacks – Michael Sam (1), Lucas Vincent (1), Shane Ray (1)

Forced Fumbles – Kony Ealy (1), Will Ebner (1)


Tiger            Solo   Ast.   Total     

Ruise             7        1       8    

Bonner           3       3        6    

Steeples         3       2        5    

Ray                4       0         4   

Bolden           2        2        4    

Brothers         2       2        4     

Burnett          2        1        3    

M. White       1        2         3   

Gooden           2      0        2    

Vincent           2       0        2    

Echard           2        0        2    

Defranc          2        0        2    

Sam               1       1        2    

Ealy              1        0         1    

Burge           1         0        1     

Ponder          1         0         1    

Ebner           1          0        1     

Smith           1          0         1    

Wilson           1        0         1     

G. White        1         0       0      

Browning       1         0       0      

Davis            1          0      0       

Brennan        1         0       0       

Butler           1          0        0       

Simon           1          0        1     

Johnson         1         0        0      

Thomas         0         1        1       

Green           0          1        1       

Payton          0            1        1     

Walker          0          1         1      

Webb            0          1        1       

Edwards        0          1        1        

Parham         0          1         1       


Tiger                FG-FGA               Makes                        Misses

Trey Barrow          1-1                    21                        None

Andrew Baggett     1-2                    47                        38


Tiger           Punts-Yds.                  Avg.

Trey Barrow    10-454               45.40

Christian Brinser 4-199               49.70

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