KLaw Shines During Spring Football 2012

Heading into his senior year at Missouri, starting TB Kendial Lawrence 5'9"  197 enjoyed a very productive spring. ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with the Tiger starting tailback about spring ball 2012 and the coming season.

Heading into his senior year at Missouri, starting TB Kendial Lawrence 5'9"  197 enjoyed a very productive spring.  Near the end of the spring, Lawrence took a few minutes to visit with ShowMeMizzou.com, and he talked about his spring, and heading into his senior year.

"Being at the top of the depth chart, I mean, it's not really too much of my decision,"  explained Lawrence.  "But, I always want to be on the top of the depth chart, and just go out here and prove myself and work my hardest every day so that I can be at the top of the depth chart and stay there."

"My spring so far, I think it has been pretty good,"   continued Lawrence.   "I mean, I always want to get a little better come fall, during two-a-days.  And, just work on the little things, and hopefully, they will turn over into the fall, come game time.   Going into my senior year, I'm really excited about this year.   I'm just really motivated to do the best that I can.  I have lots of motivation.   I just want to be the best that I can, basically."

In the four scrimmages this spring, Lawrence ran the football 32 times for 212 yards and 1 TD.  That's an average of 6.6 yards/carry.

"Actually, I'm trying to be better than I was last summer, and just work hard,"  said Lawrence.  "I mean, I'm doing things that I've never done before, and lots of extra things that I've never done before.  So I mean, I'm just going to keep doing those things, and trusting it, and see if they work out."

Lawrence reported some of the results from his pre-spring testing, including a personal best 4.31 seconds in the forty-yard dash, and a 42" vertical jump.  He said that he was able to do 17 reps at 225 pounds on the bench, and he posted a 4.13 time in the shuttle.

It's my assessment that Lawrence did a better job of finishing runs this spring.  I asked him about that?

"Yeah.  I'm finishing runs a little bit better,"   said Lawrence.  "I'm just running hard.   Coach Jones says that he wants us to always be finishing hard, and finishing running forward.  So I mean, that's a big thing that I've been working on.  I mean, just giving the defense a little nudge at the end of the play, just to show them that you're there too.  So, that's really important."

Lawrence talked about being a part of Missouri's outstanding running game.

"It's an overall team goal to run the ball really good, and to pass the ball really good,"  explained Lawrence.   "It just gives the defense so many different looks that they're really confused, and we have the advantage all of the time…………………………………… The offensive line is doing really good.  I mean, they've kind of had some guys in and out due to injuries, but they're working their hardest.  It's really paying off, because they make our job a lot easier.  All we have to do is use our speed, and run through the hole."

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