Jordan Clarkson Talks Transfer

On Monday, the Missouri Tigers received a commitment from SG Jordan Clarkson 6'4" 188 San Antonio (TX) Wagner, who is transferring to Missouri after two years at Tulsa.Clarkson tells us about his decision to become a Tiger.

On Monday, the Missouri Tigers received a commitment from SG Jordan Clarkson  6'4"  188  San Antonio (TX) Wagner, who is transferring to Missouri after two years at Tulsa.  After sitting out this season due to NCAA transfer rules, Clarkson will have two years to play beginning with the 2013-2014 season.

During his sophomore season at Tulsa, Clarkson averaged 16.5 points/game, 3.9 rebounds/game, and 2.5 assists/game, while shooting 43.5% from the field and 78.4% from the FT line.  He also improved his 3-PT FG% to 37.4% during his sophomore year. spoke with Clarkson, who visited Missouri last Thursday through Saturday, and he talked about his visit, and his decision to attend Missouri.

"It was great!  I got along with all of the guys really well,"  said Clarkson.  "I felt really comfortable there.  It felt almost like I've been there before, like I knew the guys for a while.  It really made me feel at home."

"I felt real comfortable with the coaching staff, too,"  continued Clarkson.   "I was just like a family environment, which is great!'

"Missouri's campus is really nice,"   said Clarkson.  "It seems like a great place to be.  I mean, just a nice city overall.  It's a nice place to be."

After he returned home, Clarkson talked things over with his family.

"We all sat down as a family, and we talked about it, talked about the visit,"   said Clarkson.   "We really thought highly of the school, and the coaching staff, and the players.   And, we just called Coach, and just told him that I want to be a Tiger."

I asked Clarkson about the reaction of the Missouri coaches to his commitment?

"Coach was really excited,"  said Clarkson.  "He was real happy.  He's just ready to get me out there and start to go to work."

Clarkson has made significant improvement as a player from high school to his freshman year at Tulsa, to his sophomore year.  At least part of that is attributed to his being somewhat late to the game of basketball.  In addition, it's apparent that he has developed a serious work ethic.

"I just stayed in the gym a lot,"  said Clarkson, explaining what he's done to improve.  "I tried to improve after my freshman year.  And, that's what I did.  I tried to get better."

I asked Clarkson what are his expectations regarding his playing position at Missouri?  He indicated that he'll play both guard positions during his time with the Tigers.

"I played both positions at Tulsa,"  explained Clarkson.  "I played the one and the two.  I was kind of switching on and off with that.  I mean, I feel comfortable at both spots.   I can play any of the guard positions.    I'm comfortable with both of them…………………………………………….  I can guard one through three."

Clarkson will begin taking classes at Missouri in June.  He expressed a willingness to get to work on his game and to continue to improve in every phase of his game.  He talked about the talent that Missouri has assembled on his new team.

"Missouri has great talent,"    said Clarkson.  "I see great things coming out of Missouri basketball, in these next years, and in the future.  There's some great talent there!" 

"It's really exciting!  I can't wait to get to Columbia,"   said Clarkson.   "It felt like home when I was out there.  I mean, I got a good feeling.  And, I'm just happy that I'm going to be a Tiger!"

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