Future Tiger Update: Stefan Jankovic

Coach Haith and the Missouri Tigers await the arrival of their 2012 recruiting class. In just a few weeks, players such as 2012 basketball signee Stefan Jankovic will be arriving. We spoke with Jankovic about transitioning to college soon.

Coach Haith and the Missouri Tigers await the arrival of their 2012 recruiting class.   One player who is expected to arrive on campus in June is PF Stefan Jankovic 6'11" 235 Huntington (WV) Prep.  Recently, ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with Jankovich, and he talked about transitioning to Missouri.

Jankovic will begin taking classes at Missouri the first week of June, and he's looking forward to getting started. 

"I'm really excited (about coming to Mizzou),"  said Jankovic.   "It's something that I can't explain.  I just want to get it started.  I just want to get there and work hard.   It's an opportunity that not a lot of people get, so I'm really excited!"

"I just want to get in there, and get the feel of everything,"  explained Jankovic.   "I was there for two weekends, so I got to see stuff, but I want to get (settled in there), and get to working hard.  I want to be with my teammates.   It's going to be good.  We're all going to be together."

Jankovic is looking forward to Missouri's trip to Europe in August.

"I'm excited about that, because I'm from Europe,"  said Jankovic.   "So, it will be kind of like a homecoming."

Jankovic was born in Serbia, and he lived there until he was five years old.  He said that it's been about six years since he's been back to Serbia.

Jankovic talked about getting in the weight room to improve his strength as one of his goals for the summer.  He said that he can see himself eventually playing at around 245 pounds.

"I'm never going to be a bruiser,"  explained Jankovic.   "That's not my game.   But maybe just put on 10 pounds of extreme muscle.  I'm not going to be a bruiser.  That's not my game.  But, I want to get stronger.  That will help." 

Jankovic talked about his skillset.

"I'm six-eleven, but I can probably shoot better than a lot of six-six shooting guards,"  said Jankovic.  "I've got NBA three-point range."

Jankovic told me that he averaged just 2-3 long-range shots per game this past season, but that he made around 80% of his 3-PT attempts.

Jankovic is a triple threat with the basketball in his hands.  And, he's a 90% FT shooter.  He likes to run the high pick and roll, where he can pick and pop.

"If I have someone my height guarding me, I'll put the ball on the floor and go right by them,"   explained Jankovic.   "I like the wing.  That's my favorite spot on the floor.  But, the top of the key works for me, too.  A lot of times against a zone, that's where my shots come from."

Defensively, Jankovic, who has a 7'1" wingspan, is more comfortable defending in the post, but he wants to improve his perimeter defense. 

Jankovic talked about becoming familiar with his teammates.

"It's going to be exciting to see how we mold and gel with each other,"  said Jankovic.   "With so many new players, it's a new team, basically."

Jankovic talked about the competition for playing time.

"That's the way you want it,"  said Jankovic, talking about the competition within the team for court time.   "You want to have a bunch of guys who want to compete for (playing time).  That's going to make everyone better."

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