Van Alexander, excited to be a Tiger

Van Alexander knew where he was going to play his college football before the question was asked. He grew up a huge Tigers fan and wants to stamp his legacy on the quickly improving Missouri program.

We caught up with Van Alexander last night, which isn't always an easy thing to do considering he consistently runs in the sub 4.5 range.

Q: Have things been more relaxed since you committed early to Missouri?

A: Definitely. I didn't see any point in stretching things out when I knew exactly where I wanted to play ball. I've always been a huge Missouri Tigers fan and I really like the direction which the program is heading.

Q: Have you checked out the collection of great players and athletes Coach Pinkel and his staff are bringing in to Columbia?

A: No question about it. I've seen some of these guys at camps and have played against others. Riggs is just HUGE, and it's obvious that Missouri is going to be good for years to come.

Q: Have the Missouri coaches told you which LB position you'll be playing yet?

A: No, not really.

Q: What are the strengths in your game on defense?

A: I'm really good at closing to the point of attack. I rely on my speed and quickness alot to get there first to make the tackle.

Q: What are the areas you need to improve?

A: Basically, I know that I need to get bigger and stronger, and I have the frame to add more muscle and get bigger. I'm working out hard this summer.

Q: What is your height and weight right now?

A: I'm 6'1" and 215 lbs.

Q: We hear that you're going to be playing running back as well as linebacker this fall?

A: Yeah, I'm looking forward to that. We are going to be a little short on numbers this year and our offensive line is going to be young. The seniors are going to have to play alot for us to be successful.

Q: How is A.J. Ofodile as a head coach?

A: He is great. He has so much experience having played in college and in the NFL. He knows what it takes to succeed.

Q: Do you still get a chance to talk to Coach Odom?

A: Oh yeah, we run into each other from time to time. He's a great guy.

Q: Is there a single interview that you don't get asked about Chase Patton?

A: Not really. But that's okay because I want Chase to see me talking about Missouri and how good they are going to be. I talk to him every day...we're good friends. However, I don't push Missouri on him or put any pressure on him. I just basically ask him what a certain camp was like or what a certain school was like. Those kinds of things. Of course, I'd love for him to come play at Missouri.

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