is back!

Thank goodness it didn't happen during March Madness or a Gary Pinkel recruiting season! It has been said that you can't keep a good man down for long, but in this case, they couldn't keep a great Internet community apart for long!

Supermizzou is back, and it feels great to have a place to call home. Granted, this is a work in progress and we'll all have to be patient with the site while it grows and develops. We are brimming with plans for the future, and Supermizzou will keep all of the things that worked from the days, and add some new cool features along the way. One of the things that we are committed to is having daily reports from Columbia throughout the year, so we have recruited some writers in Columbia to provide our site with exclusive information that won't be rehashed newspaper stories or television reports. In the spirit of what we try to do around here, you won't see a long list of site contributors in this story. What you'll see is good writing, eye-witness reports, provocative columns, and solid interviews. We aren't here to cater to everybody, but we are here to serve the intelligent Mizzou fan who doesn't want to get caught up in the juvenile nonsense that is so pervasive at some other sites. We aren't starting from know what we're about at Supermizzou. We've been on the Internet in one form or the other for five years now. We are a family of Missouri grads, and we do this because we love the Tigers and the University of Missouri...plain and simple. This site will eventually offer premium content on a subscriber basis. We are strong believers in getting what you pay for around here. In our opinion, what most Mizzou fans want is information and insight that you can't get from reading the Star, the Trib and the Post. This site will be here to cater to the hard core Missouri Tigers fans. As such, much of the premium content revenue will be used to pay for eyewitness journalists who will have a stake in providing this site with the best regular news on Missouri athletics anywhere. There will always be a free component to the site, that won't change. Everybody is welcome to come and participate here. However, until the Internet advertising market comes back, the site has to be able to fund its operations. As we have all discovered, there are no free lunches out there anymore. Finally, what made so special in our opinion was the community of posters and chatters who made this site their home. We value those relationships above all else. If you ever have any questions, thoughts, suggestions or concerns, please address them to us at the following e-mail address: Please get yourself registered on the temporary message board system and say hi. I'll be sending an e-mail out to all of the registered guests from the old site to let them know of the new address as soon as possible. New message boards are coming soon, as well as chat capabilities, and lots of other cool features. is back and we are happy to welcome you home!

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