Booker Feeling Blessed With Mizzou Offer

Missouri Tiger basketball legacy and top 2014 shooting guard prospect Devin Booker spoke with recently and shared his thoughts on Missouri, his Tiger and other early offers, and what lies ahead for him as his recruitment takes off. spoke with 2014 SG prospect Devin Booker  6'4"  175  Moss Point (MS) about his Missouri offer, and he updated us on his recruitment.

Booker is the son of former Missouri All-American Melvin Booker, who was named Big Eight Player of the Year following the 1993-1994 season.   Devin Booker grew up in Michigan with his mother, while his dad played professional basketball in Europe.  When Melvin Booker retired from playing professionally, he moved back home to Moss Point (MS), where Devin soon joined him.

"It feels good (to have a Missouri offer) because I've been going to Missouri my whole life with my dad,"   said the younger Booker, talking about receiving a scholarship offer from Missouri.  "I've been going to like the KU game every year.  So it feels good to have a chance to follow in my dad's footsteps."

Booker reports offers from Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, and Mississippi State, in addition to Missouri.

"I'm surely blessed,"  said Booker, talking about his early offer list.   "Because, like a year ago, I've always wanted it, but you know, I wasn't even ranked.  No colleges really talked to me, and then I just exploded."

Booker talked about the impact of being able to spend more time with his dad.

"You know, he's retired, so he can come help me with my career,"  said Booker, talking about the impact of having his dad around all of the time.  "I get to see things that normally kids with parents that didn't play professional basketball don't get to see.  You know, I get to be around basketball my whole life, which is what I want.  And he's just teaching me.  He's told me things about basketball, on and off the court, and how to handle all of what's going on right now."

Devin Booker told me that he did get to see his dad play in Milan near the end of Melvin's career.

Booker doesn't have much in the way of plans regarding his recruitment.

"I'm sure I'll be at Missouri for either the Homecoming football game or a basketball game,"   said Booker.   "But as far as schools go, me and my family haven't sat down yet and narrowed down schools.  That's something that we're going to try to do soon, like probably after the summer maybe.  We're not sure yet."

"Actually, I haven't really discussed it with my parents yet,"  explained Booker.   "But, we will talk about it."

What Booker did seem sure about even this early in his recruitment is that both Michigan and Missouri will "definitely" receive serious consideration.

Booker is getting to know the Missouri coaching staff.  He mentioned Coach Haith and Coach Fuller, whom he said is the one recruiting him.

"I love the (Missouri) coaching staff,"   explained Booker.  "I talk to coach Haith a lot, and he's a really good guy."

Expect the talented shooting guard's offer list to continue to grow, although at this juncture, he already has a pair of schools that appear to be well out in front. will continue to follow Devin Booker's recruitment.

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