ShowMeNext 2014: Camper Becomes One To Watch

Summer time is an opportunity for football prospects to rise to the occassion at various football camps and make names for themselves with their perfomances. spoke with one of several who impressed while campins with Mizzou.

After a good showing at the Missouri team camp earlier this month, 2014 DE prospect Tyree Mayfield  6'4"  210  St. Joseph (MO) Central spoke with  The talented two-way player and multi-sport athlete shared his thoughts about camping at Mizzou and he updated us on the current status of his recruitment.

He said that he really enjoyed the camp.

"I loved it,"  said Mayfield.  "Just being able to play football three or four times a day was awesome!  Everyone seemed nice, and they kept pushing us to do harder in everything that we did.  It was great fun." 

During the camp, Mayfield also lined up at TE and at WR.  St. Joseph Central tries to put the ball in his hands as often as they can.  He's played all over on defense, but he said that this year, he'll play defensive end on defense, and TE and receiver on offense.  From either receiver position, Mayfield caught the ball well,  as well as ran well with the football out of the backfield.  

Mayfield is a good student, who is very interested in Missouri. He reported a 4.67 forty-yard dash. He has bench pressed 300 pounds. His high school coaches told him that they think that Missouri is interested in him.

"(The Missouri staff) talked to my coaches,"  explained Mayfield.  "They mostly said that I just need to get bigger.  So, that's what I've been working on, along with trying to get faster."

Mayfield displayed the requisite combination of size, speed, and athleticism to project to the next level.

This talented Missouri native likes his home state school.  And, he's working on getting bigger, faster, and stronger while he's waiting to hear from the Tigers.

"I will continue to work hard for it,"  said Mayfield.  "It's just what I want."


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