Henson Shares Thoughts On His Offensive Line

Following potentially season-ending injuries to a pair of offensive linemen, ShowMeMizzou.com spoke to Missouri Assistant Coach Josh Henson to get his thoughts about making adjustments at that position for 2012.

Following potentially season-ending injuries to a pair of offensive linemen, ShowMeMizzou.com spoke to Missouri Assistant Coach Josh Henson to get his thoughts about making adjustments.

"Right now, we're not making game day adjustments yet, and really those things aren't set yet,"    began Coach Henson.   "The truth is that guys need to get better to be able to play in games.  So, I think more of our focus right now is just working with as many guys as we can to get them to the point to be able to compete in a game………………………………………………… If guys will work hard to get better, our depth chart might look different in two weeks than it would today."

Coach Henson went on to talk about some of his offensive linemen, those who will be looked at and competing for playing time.   He mentioned Jack Meiners, more to say that the starting right guard position is in pretty good shape with Big Jack in there.  Then, he mentioned five linemen who are competing for the starting left guard spot and the back-up spots at guard and center.

"What we're looking at is who is the back-up center, and who is the other starting guard, and who are the back-ups that can go in and play at guard,"   explained Coach Henson.  "Really what you're looking at is a contingent of Demien, McNulty, McGovern, Boehm, and Max Copeland are going to be competing for those positions.  And, those guys are going to have to double-duty a little bit, between guard and center, to make sure that we've got the depth there that we need."  

"Any of those five guys could end up as the starter,"  explained Coach Henson, who cited the need to identify the best 2-3 guys from among those five.   "And that's where we feel like they're at.   We feel like, you know there's maybe a couple of those five that are maybe a little bit out in front of the other three right now.  But, it's not a huge lead."

I asked Coach Henson what it would take for Evan Boehm to get to where he needs to be?

"Probably, Evan's biggest challenge is just figuring out the calls and different things,"   replied Coach Henson, who said that he thinks that Boehm can be ready in two weeks.   "And then, what it takes consistently down after down, intensity-wise and focus-wise, to really play and perform at a high level in Division 1 football.  So, he's going to get there, and that's a part of our process every day………………………………………………. We're pushing him every day to get a little better every day, and he is getting better a little every day.  You know, it's a lot on a freshman, but you know, I think the good news is, I feel pretty confident about him being able to handle it if that's where it heads."

"A couple of these guys are going to be ready in two weeks,"  said Coach Henson, who went on to explain that they're going to be looking to develop more depth at center, as well as depth at guard during the next couple of weeks.  "To me, they've all got a shot.  That's what we're going to figure out in the next two weeks."

Coach Henson also indicated that at present, Anthony Gatti will be the third tackle once Justin Britt gets back in there at right tackle.  Back-up tackles Chris Freeman and Mike Boddie are currently working with the second unit.

"They're improving and getting better,"    said Coach Henson, referring to Freeman and Boddie.   "But, there's still a lot of work to be done.   And that's kind of what I'm talking about.  We've got about two more weeks here before we have to start getting ready to play a game.  Part of being part of the team is that you're working yourself into contention, that you're working yourself so that when the team needs you, you're ready…………………………………………… Guys need to step up.  And, that's what we need these guys to do."

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