Coach Hill Discusses Competition At Receiver spoke with Missouri Assistant Coach Andy Hill this week about his receiving corps competition early so far in camp, and he breaks down some of his new receivers and how they are doing.

On Thursday, spoke with Missouri Assistant Coach Andy Hill, and he talked about the competition at the receiver positions.   Coach Hill referred to "test driving" some of his shiny new receivers, to see what they can do.

"We're still sifting through it,"  began Coach Hill, talking about the sorting out that will eventually have to take place among the Tigers' receivers.  "I don't think there's really a lot of movement yet.   We're looking for separation.  We're looking for guys to move up and be consistent every day.  I think really what we have is we have a bunch of guys that are playing very well.  And now, who can be the consistent guy to do it play to play to day to day?  And, that's what we're looking for right now.  We've got a couple of guys doing that and we need eight guys doing that."

There's that number again.  He said "eight" in the spring.  And now, he said eight again.  The Tigers have very good competition going on for those eight spots.

"We've got a great competition!  Gahn McGaffie's having a great camp,"  said Coach Hill.   "Jaleel Clark's playing consistently, a guy who has been down there on special teams.   Both those guys.  Those two guys, to me, are making it really tough on people who have played last year.  Marcus Lucas is playing great!  L'Damian Washington is playing great!  T.J. (Moe)'s been hurt.  But with the two tight ends are now dinged up a little bit, it gives other guys opportunities for more reps to see what they can do."

Coach Hill said that he expects to get the two tight ends back in time for the season.  But, he said that he's going to get guys ready in case they don't get back.  Then, he talked about some of his other guys.

"We'll get a lot of guys ready, inside and outside,"  explained Coach Hill.   "It should be comparable.  Outside, X and Z should be comparable.  Inside, H and Y should be comparable.  I have great confidence that Bud Sasser could play Y, or play H, or play Z.  Okay?  John McGaffie could play Y or H.  Jimmie Hunt could play Y or H.   T.J. Moe could obviously play Y or H.  He's already done that.  Now, can the guy bounce around and play X or Y, or inside and outside.  That's where we'll see if Dorial (Green-Beckham) can just have a few days here and just see what he can pick up, just to get an idea for the position."

I asked Coach Hill if he's given thought to moving Jimmie Hunt outside?

"Well, he's played Z before,"  replied Coach Hill.  "He's just such a good blocker, real tough in the middle there, we like having him in there.  I've got confidence in him to do a lot of good things.  He can run the ball from that spot."

I asked Coach Hill about his plans for how he's going to utilize Dorial Green-Beckham?  I think Coach Hill's "test driving" comments are especially applicable to Green-Beckham, who has practiced for a few days on the outside at the X, and on Thursday moved inside to the Y.

"I'm not sure yet,"  replied Coach Hill, who went on to say that Green-Beckham is becoming acclimated and is getting up to speed.   "We're going to see how it goes.  It's a wait and see."

Coach Hill also pointed out that Brandon Holifield has only played one year of football prior to his arrival at Missouri.

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