Coach Grinch Discusses His Safeties For 2012 spoke recently with Missouri Tiger Assistant Coach Alex Grinch, who coaches the Tigers' safeties, about how his squad had looked this 2012 Pre-Season Camp, and his thoughts on some individuals who will contribute this year.

Recently, spoke with Missouri Assistant Coach Alex Grinch, who coaches the Tigers' safeties.  Coach Grinch shared his thoughts on the guys who defend the back end for Mizzou.

"My whole thing is it's a performance business,"   said Coach Grinch.   "You've got to perform when the lights are on.   So, that will ultimately be telling."

Coach Grinch went on to say that he's excited about his group of players.

"I think we've got pretty good guys,"  explained Coach Grinch.   "Obviously, we've got talent.  And, we've got guys who work hard, and are good people.  You know, if you've got good people that will work for you and lay it on the line for you, then that can be that separating point that allows you to separate from the masses."

Coach Grinch talked about his current starters.

"Kenronte (Walker) is putting together a good camp,"  said Coach Grinch.   "He shows the mental awareness to understand the defense.  He's also played fast.  He's played physical.  He's done the things that we need him to do at the strong safety position."

"Braylon (Webb) is very similar to Kenronte, in the sense that he's put together a good camp,"  continued Coach Grinch.  "He's played some nickel spot for us.  We're kind of training him there, as well as at the safety position, as we ultimately try to evaluate our best eleven in our different personnel groups.  So, it's been very positive with him."

Coach Grinch went on to talk about a red-shirt freshman who has rapidly climbed the depth chart, and who is currently working with the number two defense.

"Ian Simon is another kid who has played both safety and nickel for us,"   said Coach Grinch.  "We've been kind of cross training him that way.  He's a red-shirt freshman, so there's a little bit of a learning curve.  But for Ian, the good thing is that he's picking it up.  You almost forget sometimes that he's a red-shirt freshman.  It's been very positive with him."

"You see a guy like Matt White,"  continued Coach Grinch.   "I think he's taking a step up from where he was in the spring.  Can he get himself back in up in the one group?  I know he's been there in the past.   I certainly think he has the ability to.  So, those first four are positioning themselves to be impact guys this fall."

Coach Grinch also had good things to say about Cortland Browning, Daniel Easterly, Ka'Ra Stewart, and Chaston Ward.  He said that they're all talented guys who can run, and that they're all "working hard".

Thus far in camp, there hasn't been much movement on the depth chart within the safety position.  The top four seem to be pretty well established at present, although the four guys behind them are also very talented.  Coach Grinch indicated that Stewart and Ward have learned the defense at a rapid rate, and he likes what he's seen early on of their work ethic.

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