Thursday Scrimmage Report

On Thursday, the Missouri Tigers conducted their third and final scrimmage of the fall. The format was a little different for this shorter scrimmage, as the first team played against the second and third team in more game-like conditions for a full quarter of football.

On Thursday, the Missouri Tigers conducted their third and final scrimmage of the fall.  The format was a little different for this shorter scrimmage, as the first team played against the second and third team in more game-like conditions for a full quarter of football.  That was followed by a few series designed to achieve a prescribed number of reps for predetermined individuals, mostly second, third, and fourth-team players.

"We just mixed a lot of players around,"  explained Coach Pinkel, following his team's showing.   "We got twenty plays with our ones.  Then, we pulled a good portion of those guys out, and then we started mixing and matching a lot.  So I think overall, we got a lot of work done.  I feel pretty good about that.   I don't think the continuity of our one offense and one defense is where it needs to be, or that every kicking area is fined tuned yet.  But, we've got some work yet to do."

"We'll look at some of the competition,"  said Coach Pinkel.  "We do that with every position."

Coach Pinkel explained that he and his staff will review the video and evaluate and discuss each player before setting the depth for Monday.

Freshman left guard Evan Boehm was the busiest guy on the team.  He began the scrimmage splitting snaps at left guard with Max Copeland on both the first and second-team offense.  After Jack Meiners went down with a sprained knee, Copeland moved to first-team right guard, and Boehm played left guard on both the first-team and second-team offense.

Coach Pinkel said of Meiners' injury that, "We hope it's not serious."

There were a number of highlights on both sides of the football.   Touchdown plays were made by James Franklin, Dorial Green-Beckham and Jimmie Hunt, as well as by Kentrell Brothers.   Harold Brantley and Darvin Ruise were other players who made plays and who appeared to help themselves in the internal competition.  After the scrimmage, Coach Yost said that he thought that Hunt and Bud Sasser had each helped themselves on Thursday.

Coach Pinkel identified Earnest Payton as a player on the rise.

Green-Beckham made a reception of a short pass in the left seam from Maty Mauk.  Then he broke a tackle and ran down the left hash with several defenders in pursuit.  That play was reminiscent of a combination of things we've seen from former Missouri receivers Jeremy Maclin and Danario Alexander.

Hunt's TD was a thing of beauty, as he caught a ball over the middle and made a moved to evade the defender as if he had eyes in the back of his head.  Then he sped into the end zone.

Franklin's came on a zone read where he kept it and raced up the gut untouched.

Brothers stepped in front of a pass and raced down the sideline for the score.

Brantley appeared to me to be the best defensive tackle on the field not named Sheldon Richardson.

Things got underway with some live special teams, a rarity in practice.  Andrew Bagget and Trey Barrow competed on kick-offs and in placements.  Afterwards, Coach Pinkel expressed concerns over the placekicking.  Barrow and Christian Brinser handled the punting, and T.J. Moe and Marcus Murphy handled the returns.

Corbin Berkstresser brought the second-team offense out against the first-team defense, with the ball at his own 25-yard line.  Berkstresser dropped it off to Russell Hansbrough out in the right flat for a gain of 7 yards.  Berkstresser found Jimmie Hunt along the left sideline for a first down.  Berkstresser dropped it off to Hansbrough along the left sideline for a short gain.  Zaviar Gooden was there to make the stop.  Berkstresser hit Jimmie Hunt on a slant.   Matt White made the stop just short of the first down, setting up a third and inches.   Jared McGriff-Culver took a pitch running left for a first down.  Kenronte Walker was there to run him out of bounds.  Under pressure from Brad Madison, Berkstresser dropped it off to McGriff-Culver out along the left sideline for 9 yards.  Berkstresser missed connection with Brandon Holifield over the middle.  Gooden was there on the coverage.  Under a rush, Berkstresser unloaded the ball out of bounds.

Maty Mauk took over at his own 35-yard line.  He hit Dorial Green-Beckham with a short pass out in the left seam.  Green-Beckham broke a tackle, and outran everyone to the end zone.  Afterwards, Coach Yost said of Mauk that, "He got it to the right guy!"

James Franklin brought out the first-team offense, taking over at his own 25-yard line.  Murphy took a hand-off and picked up about 6 yards.  Franklin hit Murphy in stride with a quick flair pass near the left sideline.  Murphy turned it up for a first down.  Moe took a hand-off and ran right for about 5 yards.  Franklin hit Bud Sasser right in the hands about 25 yards down the right hash.  Sasser had the ball, but lost it as he went to the ground.  It was ruled incomplete.  Franklin dropped it off to Murphy out in the left flat.  Murphy picked up a first down with 3-4 yards after initial contact.  Kendial Lawrence took a hand-off and ran left.  He got in behind Gahn McGaffie and Jaleel Clark and picked up 15-20 yards for a first down.  Franklin hit Lawrence in stride on a swing pass out along the left side for another 15-20 yards.  Madison burst through and tagged Franklin for a loss.  Then, Franklin faked it to Lawrence and ran straight ahead untouched for a score.

Kony Ealy batted Berkstresser's pass down at the line of scrimmage.  Berkstresser overthrew Jimmie Hunt on a cross.  Ealy took an outside rush that flushed Berkstresser up into the pocket.  Richardson and Madison were there to complete the sack.

Lawrence took a hand-off and started running right, where he was met in the back field by Brantley.

A penalty placed the ones in first and 15.  Franklin got it out to McGaffie along the right sideline for about 12 yards, setting up third and 3.

Kentrell Brothers hit Lawrence in the back field, but Lawrence struggled forward to near the first down marker.  However, Lawrence had fumbled the football and Brantley recovered.

Berkstresser tried to get the ball to Jimmie Hunt in the left seam.  Andrew Wilson stepped in front and came up with the interception.

Franklin found Sasser in the right seam.  Sasser ran behind blocks from Moe, McGaffie, and Britt, and picked up a first down.  Franklin faked it to Murphy and started up inside.  Madison reached back and touched Franklin for a 1-yard loss.  That arm tackle isn't going to bring Franklin down.  Under pressure, Franklin scrambled right and threw the ball away.   Moe slipped down coming out of his break, and Franklin's pass fell incomplete.

Berkstresser drove the second team offense down the field.  He picked up a critical first down near mid-field on a scramble, and had a couple of nice completions to Rolandis Woodland.  Facing third and 10 from the 22-yard line, Berkstresser found Jimmie Hunt on a slant.  Hunt spun away from the defender, and raced into the end zone.

Berkstresser tried to get it to Green-Beckham down the left seam.  Darvin Ruise got a hand on it.  Then, Berkstresser found Sasser in the left seam for a first down.

Mauk came in and tried to get it to Jimmie Hunt out along the right sideline.  Kentrell Brothers stepped in front and returned it up the sideline for a TD.

Scrimmage Stats  


Scoring Description

Dorial Green-Beckham 65 pass from Maty Mauk

James Franklin 28 run

Jimmie Hunt 22 pass from Corbin Berkstresser

Kentrell Brothers 43 interception return


Tiger Comp. Att. Yds. TD Int.

James Franklin 7 12 80 0 0

Corbin Berkstresser 14 25 116 1 1

Maty Mauk 6 9 96 1 1

Eric Laurent 3 4 45 0 0

TOTALS 30 50 337 2 2


Tiger Rec. Yds. TD

Jimmie Hunt 4 41 1

Rolandis Woodland 3 24 0

Russell Hansbrough 3 16 0

Dorial Green-Beckham 2 71 1

Bud Sasser 2 28 0

Levi Copelin 2 20 0

Marcus Murphy 2 10 0

Tyler Hunt 2 9 0

Morgan Steward 2 7 0

Joe Plevel 1 34 0

Kendial Lawrence 1 18 0

Gahn McGaffie 1 16 0

Marcus Lucas 1 12 0

Jaleel Clark 1 10 0

T.J. Moe 1 8 0

Jared McGriff-Culver 1 7 0

Kyle Peasel 1 6 0

TOTALS 30 337 2


Tiger Att. Yds. TD

James Franklin 2 30 1

Tyler Hunt 2 23 0

Greg White 2 23 0

Jared McGriff-Culver 2 22 0

Kendial Lawrence 3 20 0

Russell Hansbrough 4 16 0

Morgan Steward 3 8 0

Corbin Berkstresser 1 7 0

Miles Drummond 1 6 0

Marcus Murphy 1 6 0

Eric Laurent 1 5 0

T.J. Moe 1 5 0

TOTALS 23 171 1


Tiger INTs Yds. TD

Kentrell Brothers 1 43 1

Andrew Wilson 1 3 0


Tackles for Loss – Darvin Ruise (1), Marvin Foster (1), Harold Brantley

(1), Matt White (1);

Passes Broken Up – Darvin Ruise (2), Kony Ealy (1), Harold Brantley (1),

Xavier Smith (1);

QB Sacks – Brad Madison (1), Jimmy Burge (1), Clayton Echard (1)

Fumbles Recovered – Harold Brantley (1)


Tiger FG-FGA Makes Misses

Trey Barrow 3-7 38, 36, 43 40, 45, 32, 39

Andrew Baggett 3-7 38, 36, 43 40, 45, 32, 39


Tiger Punts-Yds. Avg. I-20

Trey Barrow 7-264   37.71   2

Christian Brinser 7-291   41.57   2

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