Feels Like Family For Booker On Mizzou Visit

ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with Devin Booker after he had returned home from his event Mizzou Madness visit and he talked about his weekend at Missouri, and updated us on his recruitment.  

On Friday, Missouri hosted several unofficial visitors during their Mizzou Madness event, including one of the Tigers' top recruiting targets in 2014 SG prospect Devin Booker   6'4"  190  Moss Point (MS).   ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with Booker after he had returned home, and he talked about his weekend at Missouri, and updated us on his recruitment.


I asked Booker about his Missouri visit?


"Oh, it was great!  I had a blast,"   said Booker.    "It was probably the best time that I've been up there so far.  Even during the rain at the football game, I still enjoyed myself."


Booker said that he had previously been in communication with 2014 Missouri commit Anton Beard, who also visited Missouri last weekend.    Booker said that the two of them spent a lot of time together on their visit.


"We hung out together,"    explained Booker, speaking of the time that he spent with Beard.   "At Mizzou Madness and at the football game we sat next to each other.   Before (this weekend), we had followed each other on twitter, and talked a little.   But (this weekend) we became closer than we were."


Booker has been playing summer ball with the Alabama Challenge.  He acknowledged that he and Beard have talked about playing together next summer, but he said that he's pretty loyal to his current team.


Devin and I talked about his dad, Melvin Booker, who in 1994 was the Big 8 Player of the Year, and an All-American.  Like any youngster, Devin was interested in hearing about his dad in his youth.


One thing that I learned about Devin Booker is that I think he'll be an intelligent, fundamentally sound player, much like his dad.


Over the weekend, Booker spent time with some of the younger Missouri players, guys like Negus Webster-Chan and Dominique Bull, both of whom will likely still be at Missouri when Booker would arrive.  He enjoyed his time with the Missouri players.


And, Booker shared some of his thoughts about the Missouri coaching staff.


"It's really cool (being around the Missouri coaches),"  explained Booker.   "When I'm around them, it doesn't feel like it's a coach-player relationship.   I mean, I feel like they're one of my uncles."


Booker went on to say that he feels that the Missouri staff cares about him as a person.


Booker also shared some of his thoughts about the 2012-2013 Missouri team.


"I think (Missouri) is going to be really good,"   said Booker.   "Especially the guard play with Flip and Mike back there.   That's probably one of the best back courts in all of college basketball this year."


Booker said that not much has changed regarding his recruitment.  He doesn't have a shortened list, or a time table to establish one.


"Honestly, I really don't have any favorites right now,"   explained Booker, who has already visited Alabama, Michigan, Michigan State, and Mississippi State, in addition to Missouri.


He said that he may come back to Missouri this year with his dad to attend a game.  ShowMeMizzou.com will have more on Devin Booker later.


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