Fisher Anxious To Get Back To Football

Missouri Tigers senior offensive lineman Elvis Fisher is eager to get back on the football field and help get his team back into the win column. He talks to about what's ahead.

Sixth-year senior, Elvis Fisher, has been readying himself and his teammates for this Saturday's game against the visiting Kentucky Wildcats.    He said that he's reasonably close to fully recovered from the knee sprain that sidelined him earlier in the season.

I asked him if he's 100% healthy?

"I'd probably pick 98.3, or something like that,"  laughed Fisher.

Fisher went on to talk about how the team has been practicing since they resumed practice following some time off during the bye week.

"You know, after a week off, we had a bunch of guys ready to come back,"   said Fisher.  "I think we had a heck of a practice Saturday.  Guys were flying around.  Everyone had fun, joking around, loosening up, getting back into the swing of things.  You know, I thought we had a great practice, and I think guys are ready to play this week."

Fisher talked about executing better.

"I always anticipate better execution,"   explained Fisher.   "But, it doesn't just magically happen.  You've got to go out there and do it."

"Practice is a big part,"  continued Fisher.  "When you're playing good teams, it's the little things that make the difference.  You're not going to overpower everyone.  It's not high school anymore.  You've got to be able to take the right steps, and all of that.   If you're practicing taking the wrong steps, you're going to do that in the game.  So when you're out there at practice, you've got to do all of the little things right one-hundred percent of the time.  Or else, why take the rep?  It doesn't make sense to not do the rep right.   I mean, you might as well just not be out there.  You want to practice to the best of your ability, and you want to try to do all of the little things right, so on game day when you go out there, when you're not thinking about taking steps, and you're trying to focus on the speed of the game, you just do it.   Muscle memory takes over, and you just do it."

Fisher agreed that teams are likely to continue to blitz Missouri's red-shirt freshman quarterback.

"Of course, if another team has success with it, they're going to try it,"  said Fisher, who went on to say that Missouri is working on handling the blitz.  "We're working on it.  We're always working on it.  I don't think they're going to do anything that's going to surprise us.   We're ready for everything.  We've just got to be able to execute."

Fisher cited "lack of focus" as the culprit in Missouri's past failures to execute efficiently.

"It goes back to practice,"  explained Fisher.   "A lot of things can happen on any given play.  We'll have nine or ten guys doing what they need to do on a play, and one or two guys are messing up every other play, it messes up the whole play.  We've just got to have all eleven guys out there doing their job on every play for the majority of the game.   That's been our problem, and that's what we keep trying to fix.  And, that starts in practice.  And, that's been our focus this week."


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