Ealy Having Breakout Season For Tigers

Missouri Tigers Defensive End Kony Ealy was ranked as this number one player in the state by ShowMeMizzou.com when he came out of high school. The talented defender is living up to his potential this season.

Missouri sophomore defensive end Kony Ealy is a much-improved player over a year ago.   Through eleven games, Ealy has made 32 total tackles, including 8 TFLs, and 3.5 sacks.  He's also been credited with 7 PBUs, for knocking passes down, and has forced a fumble.   ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with Ealy's position coach, Craig Kuligowski, and he talked about Ealy's growth as a player.

"Last year at this time, Kony Ealy probably played about as much as Shane Ray has this year,"   said Coach Kul.   "This year, Kony's had a great year for us.  He really has!  He's been very productive.   He's been in there all the time, but he's still in a learning process.  Because he played some last year, he's been able to help us this year.   And now next year, he'll be able to be at an even higher level, and not just be a good player, but a great player!"

The Tigers will practice Thursday morning, then have the rest of the day off.  Ealy said that he will go home and "eat a whole lot of food".   Then, he'll return to Mizzou on Friday in time to travel with the team to College Station.

"When I get home, I'll be happy to get there,"  said Ealy.  "But when I'm there, I'll be ready to come back."

Ealy talked about getting ready to play the regular season finale at Texas A&M.

"We've played against the top of the top,"  said Ealy, placing Texas A&M in the same company as the other top teams that the Tigers have faced this season.   "I mean, I don't care.  Everybody's human, as far as I can see.   We've played against the top of the top.  The only thing that we can do is go out there and give it our best, and go out there and play an excellent game.  That's all.   No communication errors, no missed tackles, no missed assignments.  Just go out there and have a nice solid game, and we'll come out with a victory."

Ealy talked about playing at Kyle Field, where the Tigers have had success the previous two seasons.

"That's something for the people on the outside,"    said Ealy.   "The only thing that we can do is go out there and play our best, and get the victory.   You still just got to go out there and play……………………………………..  Texas A&M is the only thing that's on my mind."


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