Farmer Injures Throwing Hand

Well, nobody can say that the football Tigers don't have any fight to least off the field. Kirk Farmer joined fellow pugilist, Sean Doyle, in the after-hours version of Fight Club - Columbia, Missouri style early Friday morning.

What's next?

Brandon Ford is recently sentenced for being an interstate marjiuana trafficker. Sean Doyle partially plea bargains away an after-hours parking lot brawl. And now, through the Boone County wide gag order comes the news that starting quarterback Kirk Farmer broke his fifth metatarsal bone in his right hand in a late-night fight.

Details of the incident are far from clear at this point. Let's face it, do the details really matter anyway?

What does matter is that Missouri starting quarterback will once again be on the shelf for at least part of the upcoming season, and this time, it had nothing to do with the violence of college football.

By almost all accounts, the summer conditioning program instituted by Gary Pinkel has been productive and positive. The atmosphere around the training facility has been upbeat and expectations have steadily grown since the spring.

The absolute last thing that Pinkel needed to start his first fall camp with are two incidents from supposed team leaders which involved late nights, alcohol and brawling.

In published reports, Farmer has stated that he is not allowed to comment on the incident or how his hand was broken.

Missouri fans will get a good look at how Coach Pinkel intends to handle these types of incidents from an internal disciplinary standpoint in the Doyle and Farmer cases.

One thing is certain, Missouri fans are fed up with embarrasing incidents like these that detract from the program and the reputation of the University.

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