Pinkel Pleased w/ Speed,Athleticism Of Class

With his Missouri Tigers 2013 football recruiting class signed and sealed, head coach Gary Pinkel addressed the media late Wednesday afternoon to talk about his latest group of future Tigers he has brought aboard in detail.

The sun has set on Signing Day, and Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel shared some of his thoughts on the Tigers’ 2013 recruiting class.

On Wednesday, Missouri signed 20 players, including 19 high school seniors and one junior college player.

“I’m really excited about this class,”  said Coach Pinkel.   “We feel very good about this class………………………………..  For the most part, we hit our numbers at each position.”

Missouri signed eleven players from inside the state’s borders, three players from Texas, and one player each from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, and Louisiana (by way of Fresno City College in California).

Missouri’s 2013 signing class:

QB Trent Hosick  6'1"  225  4.63    Kansas City (MO) Staley QB Eddie Printz  6'3"  210  4.6  Marietta (GA) Lassiter   RB Chase Abbington  6’2”  205  4.4  St. Peters (MO) Fort Zumwalt South WR J'Mon Moore  6'3" 185  4.5  Missouri City (TX) Elkins TE Jason Reese  6'3"  230  4.61  Euless (TX) Trinity OG Alec Abeln  6'3"  280  5.3  St. Louis (MO) University High OT Clay Rhodes  6’5"  280  4.9  Stilwell (KS) Blue Valley OT Harneet Gill  6'6"  280  5.0  Francis Howell (MO) DT Josh Augusta  6'4"  300  4.7  Peoria (IL) DT A.J. Logan  6'0"  315  5.2  Columbia (MO) Rock Bridge DT Antar Thompson  6'3"  300  5.0   Richmond Heights (MO) Maplewood DT Nate Crawford  6'4"  285  Pensacola (FL) West Florida Tech DE Marcus Loud  6'4"  245  4.7  Houston (TX) Wheatley DE Charles Harris  6'4"  220  Kansas City (MO) Lincoln Prep LB Eric Beisel  6’2”  240  4.6  St. Louis (MO) Rockwood Summit LB Joe Burkett 6'1" 200 4.61 Jefferson City (MO) S  Duron Singleton  6’1”  210  Fresno (CA) City College S   Shaun Rupert  6'0"  180  Montgomery (AL) Carver CB Anthony Sherrils  5'11"  180  4.38  Kansas City (MO) Hogan Prep   CB Aarion Penton  5'10"  180  4.43  St. Louis (MO) CBC

“We recruit speed potential and athleticism potential,”  explained Coach Pinkel.   “We believe in our evaluation system……………………………..  Over the years, it’s proved that it’s worked in a very, very positive way for us.”

“I think overall, we did really well in the state (of Missouri),”  said Coach Pinkel.   “I think we’re up over 80%-85% of the ones that we offered in the state of Missouri.   We feel real good about that.   The state of Missouri is real important to us.”

Coach Pinkel continued,   “It was a very good year for in-state recruiting!  One of the best (years) since we’ve been here.”

Coach Pinkel indicated that they recruit the state as a whole staff.  Other coaches pointed out that Missouri will continue to utilize a team approach to recruiting.  One aspect of that approach has the prospect’s potential position coach involved in his recruitment as well as the assistant usually assigned to his geographic area.

Coach Pinkel indicated that Missouri is getting established in the states of Georgia and Florida, as well as remaining active in recruiting in Texas.

“The state of Missouri continues to be great for us,”  said Coach Pinkel.  “We want the best players in the state of Missouri to stay here and play.”

Missouri’s class breaks down into eight players on offense and eleven players on defense.  Coach Pinkel indicated that the Tigers will be "close" to the 85-man scholarship limit.  By my count, if everyone qualifies, which it appears is unlikely to occur, Missouri would be right at the 85-man limit.

The Tigers have two quarterbacks in this class, both of whom are already enrolled in classes, and each of whom was named the Offensive MVP of the respective All-American Bowl games in which they played.   Hosick was named Offensive MVP of the Offense-Defense all-American Bowl, and Printz was named Offensive MVP of the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl.

Coach Pinkel talked about his two new QBs.

“I think Trent (Hosick), obviously, is a winner,”   said Coach Pinkel.    “He’s a competitor.   I think he’s got a good arm.   I think he fits into (our offense).    He’s a good runner, also, and those type of things.   Eddie (Printz) is a guy, I think he’s got an excellent arm, too.  He’s a good athlete.  They’re both very, very competitive.  And I think they both fit in (to our offense) very well.   It’s all about competing now.   And, we’ll see where it goes.” 

In addition, the Tigers’ 2013 recruiting class features nine linemen, three on offense, and six on defense.

“This offensive line group is a really good group of athletes and players, with size potential,”   said Coach Pinkel.   “We feel really good about that group.”

Coach Pinkel also announced that staff member Nick Otterbacher has been named recruiting coordinator.

“He did an awful lot of it anyway,”   explained Coach Pinkel.

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