Pinkel Discusses Staff Changes

The Missouri Tigers football program underwent several changes to it's coaching staff over the off-season, including the promotion of Josh Henson to offensive coordinator and the hiring of Pat Washington. Gary Pinkel spoke to about the changes.

As Missouri’s spring practice begins, spoke with Head Coach Gary Pinkel, and he shared some thoughts about two assistant coaches in new roles, a new assistant coach, and how his role is affected.

Coach Pinkel promoted Josh Henson to Offensive Coordinator, named Andy Hill as Associate Head Coach, along with a move from coaching receivers to coaching quarterbacks, and he hired an experienced receivers coach in Pat Washington.

“This transition has taken place with me before,” explained Coach Pinkel, citing his previously having promoted Dave Christensen and Dave Yost as new Offensive Coordinators. “I always want to know what’s going on. If they’re new, or if they’ve been here seven years, I want to know everything that’s going on. I just do.”

“I just watch and make sure that things are the way that I want them,” continued Coach Pinkel, who pointed out that Andy Hill had coached quarterbacks years ago at a junior college. “I think the most important thing in these transitions is great communication between (us).”

Coach Pinkel pointed out that in his own career, before he was a head coach, he coached wide receivers and quarterbacks, as well as worked as an offensive coordinator.

“Andy Hill’s been waiting to coach quarterbacks for a long time,” said Coach Pinkel. “He’ll do a great job. And Josh Henson certainly will do a great job also.”

Coach Pinkel indicated that he’ll be closely involved in working with his two new position coaches.

“I’ve always been (personally involved in evaluating and coaching the QBs, and in coordinating the offense),” explained Coach Pinkel. “(It’s) the same with the defense. I’m always (closely involved). They coordinate, but I know what’s going on.”

Again, Coach Pinkel emphasized communication between himself and his assistant coaches.

“I think when you make this transition, I think you’re a little bit more aware of everything, and you want to be a in the loop even more so,” explained Coach Pinkel. “That was also why I had to get a very experienced guy (at receivers’ coach). With Andy new at quarterbacks, and with Josh new at offensive coordinator, what we needed to do was, we needed a guy receivers-wise that really knew what he’s doing.”

"And, we got a very experienced guy (in Pat Washington),” said Coach Pinkel. “You look at our last three hires, you look at Josh Henson, Alex Grinch, and Pat Washington, those are three great hires.”

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