Coach Washington Has High Expectations At WR

New Missouri Tigers wide receivers coach Pat Washington spoke to about joing the Tigers and his talented group of receivers that he will be working with this spring football season.

New Missouri receivers coach Pat Washington has one of the Tigers’ most talented and experienced position groups with which to work. This spring, he’s getting his first live look at his charges, and recently he took time to speak with about Missouri’s receiver corps.

Coach Washington has long coached receivers in the SEC. He talked about some of what he wants to impart to Missouri’s receiver corps.

“It all starts with just coming off the ball,” explained Coach Washington. “You’ve got to be able to escape guys in press coverage. Then we’ve got to run accurate and technically sound routes. We’ve got to get our hips down, and come out of our cuts. We can’t give our routes away.”

“You’ve got to come out of your cuts really quick,” continued Coach Washington. “If you take time coming out of your cuts, you get eaten up by good defensive backs. Or, if you give your routes away. If they can read your mail, you have no chance. So, I try to teach them to look the same on every route. Don’t give the route away. That takes training!”

Coach Washington is just getting to know his receivers. I asked him about his initial impressions?

“They’re not afraid to work,” began Coach Washington. “It all starts there. If they’re not afraid to work, and they’re willing to listen to coaching, then they have a chance.”

I asked Coach Washington to assess Missouri's talent at receiver?

“In just a couple of days, it’s kind of hard to assess everything,” explained Coach Washington, talking about his initial impressions of his receivers. “Once we've had the pads on for a few days, then I’ll really get a better feel for what we’ve got. There are some guys that are pretty good in shorts. When someone is chasing them, or about to hit them, when they catch the ball, then you’ll see exactly what you may have.”

“Based on film that I’ve seen, the veterans can handle it,” explained Coach Washington. “Now I have to see if some of the younger guys can handle it as well.”

Coach Washington named Marcus Lucas, L’Damian Washington, Jimmie Hunt, and Bud Sasser as veteran receivers.

Coach Washington identified Dorial Green-Beckham as a young player.

“There’s no question about his ability,” said Coach Washington, referring to Green-Beckham. "He was a freshman (last season)."

Coach Washington talked about Darius White.

“Darius has been around football,” said Coach Washington. “He’s anxious to learn………………………………………. I believe once he understands it, then you’ll see his full potential. Once he stops thinking, then you’ll see his full potential.”

Coach Washington pointed out that Coach Henson is coaching the tight ends, although he said that he and Coach Henson will work together in that regard.

Coach Washington talked about trying to instill good habits in his receivers.

"I’m just trying to make them better,” said Coach Washington.

“I think they’re capable of competing in the SEC,” said Coach Washington, assessing the talent-level of his receivers. “And that’s saying a lot.”

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