New MIzzou OC Henson On Spring Offensive spoke recently with new Missouri Tigers offensive coordinator Josh Henson about what he has seen from his offense early in spring practice and the direction he wants it to take under his control.

Following a recent Missouri spring practice, Offensive Coordinator Josh Henson spoke to, and he talked about some of what he’s seen so far, and what he’s trying to accomplish this spring.

Coach Henson was asked what he wants to change about Missouri’s offense? His answer drew a round of laughs.

“I want to score more points!” replied Coach Henson.

Coach Henson talked about potential changes to the offense.

“Right now, what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to figure out if we have some things with some of our tight end game that can give us some different sets, some different formations, and maybe a few different plays,” said Coach Henson. “It’s not going to vary much from what we’ve done in the past……………………………………….. We’d like to get our tight ends involved some more. I feel like those guys are developing. It’s (early). They’re doing a lot of things they haven’t done, so to do that with consistency, is going to take a little time.”

Coach Henson talked about coaching Missouri’s tight ends. He said that he’s going to continue to coach the offensive line. However, this spring he’s focused on coaching the tight ends because they need to get the tight ends up to speed with the changes that are being installed in the offense.

“What I’m doing during the spring is I’m coaching the tight ends,” explained Coach Henson, who also coached tight ends at his previous coaching stops, Oklahoma State and LSU. “Because of all the new things that they’re doing this spring, I’m really involved with them. As time goes along, and they become more proficient in what they’re doing, I’ll slide some of my time back over with Coach Walker and help out with that.”

Coach Henson then responded to a question about Evan Boehm working at center?

“At this point, I don’t think anything is permanent,” explained Coach Henson. “Are we trying to get Evan (Boehm) comfortable playing center? Sure! We’re trying to develop consistency at that position.”

Along the offensive line, Coach Henson and Coach Walker are moving guys around. He’s hopeful of getting everyone healthy so that he can accurately assess his personnel.

“It’s a chance to develop depth,” said Coach Henson. “But, I think also, we’d like to develop some continuity, too.”

“We’ve got a lot to get better at,” explained Coach Henson, talking about his offensive linemen. “But all of those guys are improving, and that’s all you ask from them.”

On moving guys around, Coach Henson explained, “We’re just trying to build some depth.”

The Missouri staff likes to have their best five offensive linemen on the field, so developing versatility is one way to accomplish that and at the same time develop depth.

Coach Henson said that he’s getting “more comfortable” in his new role as offensive coordinator. But, he also expressed that he’s something of a perfectionist, and that he is anxious to see his players performing the way that he would like for them to perform.

“My biggest thing is I’m just itching (for us) to get better, and to get more consistent,” said Coach Henson. “I don’t feel that out of us yet………………………………………. I want (us) to be good!”

“We’ve just got to keep working hard, and keep pressing, and being patient,” concluded Coach Henson. “And, we’ll get there.”

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