Lucas Looking To Finish Business

Following Spring Break, the Missouri Tigers returned to the practice field in preparation for the 2013 spoke with senior wide receiver Marcus Lucas about spring football.

Following Spring Break, the Missouri Tigers returned to the practice field in preparation for the 2013 season. spoke with senior wide receiver Marcus Lucas about spring football.    Like so many seniors, particularly those who played as true freshmen, Lucas said that he’s amazed at how quickly his senior year has arrived.

“(The time) went by fast,”    said Lucas, who is on pace to graduate in December.    “I mean, it was fun, but you know, I’ve still got some unfinished business to take care of.”

“When I came to Mizzou, I didn’t come here to have average seasons,”   explained Lucas.    “I want to be able to push over the hump, and do something that we haven’t done around here.   (Going out on top) is something that we truly desire.    We’re fighting every day to get towards that.   We had a great off-season, and we’re trying to stay positive this spring and just get better as a team.”

Lucas talked about how he and the other seniors on the team have taken it to another level this off-season.

“Everyone is trying to make that extra push,”   said Lucas.   “You know, do things that they haven’t done before.    And, trying to make something special out of this season.”

Earlier this spring, Missouri Assistant Coach Pat Washington indicated that he wants to train the Missouri receivers to have all of their routes look the same.   I asked Lucas about this?

“After the release, we want the first five yards to look the same, like we’re going deep, or going on a fade, every play,”   explained Lucas.   “That’s something that we’re working on, to make everything look the same.”

In testing this spring, Lucas ran a 4.51 forty, vertical jumped 41”, and put up 17 reps at 225 pounds in the bench.    He talked about the quality depth in his position group.

“(The competition) is definitely making everyone better,”   said Lucas.    “We’re pushing each other.   That makes a great environment, to make sure that everyone brings their best every day.   Because if you don’t bring it for a few days, or take any days off, then you know that there’s somebody behind you, or the guy in front of you, is coming.   So, it’s great for competition!”

“We’re (all) trying to mesh together with the quarterbacks,”   explained Lucas, talking about the receiver position group.    “All of the guys are doing well……………………………………..  With our depth, it’s very competitive.   It’s hard (for guys) to move up.   Like I said, with the guys bringing it every day, it’s definitely hard to make changes (in the depth).”

I asked Lucas about what he’s been working on this spring?

“Just being a competitor on every play,”   replied Lucas.   “You know, just working on getting off the ball, a lot of release stuff.   That’s something that I’m getting better at.   Being physical, and just building off of what I’ve done so far, and just elevating my game.”

Lucas pointed out that senior QB James Franklin is healthy.    He also expressed the opinion that Franklin is playing better than ever.

“James (Franklin) is looking good,”   said Lucas.   “I mean, he’s healthy.    He’s determined!   You know, he’s taken a lot of criticism in the past.    And, he’s out to make that senior year one special (season) for the team.”

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