Henson Feels Team Headed In Right Direction

Missouri offensive coordinator Josh Henson spoke to ShowMeMizzou.com following Thursday's practice to give his thoughts on where he feels the offensive is at this spring at the moment.

After Thursday’s practice, Co-Offensive Line Coach and Offensive Coordinator, Josh Henson, talked about Missouri’s offensive line.

“I think we’re headed in the right direction,” said Coach Henson. “I really think the offensive line has done a nice job so far this spring. I really do. I would say probably one of the most improved players on our team is Connor McGovern, who’s in there at right guard now. I think he’s done a real nice job! It’s always fun when you see young guys step up and they’re get better and better and better every day. That, to me, is a good thing.”

Coach Henson talked about moving Evan Boehm to center.

“Potentially down the road at the next level, that’s probably what Evan’s going to be, if you just look at body type and arm length and what have you,” said Coach Henson. “I think he’s done a good job snapping. We’ve still got to improve some, but the ability to improve is there. And more than anything, I just believe in his get it done attitude. He’ll get it done. This is his first time to ever snap. He was a tackle in high school. But, he’s doing a nice job.”

“Also, the thing that he brings in there is he brings a great command presence,” continued Coach Henson. “He brings a really nice demeanor to the middle of the line, making sure everything’s right, and the calls are right. I think it’ll be nice to have him at that position for a few years……………………………………….. The center is the go-between between the both sides (of the line). If one side is saying that, and the other side is saying this, the guy in the middle has got to make the decision, and say, “No, we’re going to do this!” So, I think playing center naturally does give you some ability to kind of control things, and to control the demeanor, and the poise, and the attitude of the line.”

Two of Missouri’s top three offensive tackles, Justin Britt and Taylor Chappell, are back in this week, after rehabbing from knee injuries.

“Justin (Britt) is getting back, and Taylor (Chappell),” explained Coach Henson. “So we get those guys back and we might feel like we have a little bit of depth.”

Coach Henson responded to a question about how the two tackles are doing this week. How close are they to regaining their previous level of play?

“They’re still a ways away,” explained Coach Henson. “They’re still a ways away. Some of that, I’m sure, is probably just a little bit of confidence, you know, just getting back out here and going live for the first time. Some of it too, is just your muscles. You can rehab and do all of that stuff you want, but to get back out here on the field and actually do it against 300-pound guys running around, is another thing. It’s nice having them out here! They’re going to continue to get a lot better as we go. I’ll bet in the next week or two, we’ll see tremendous improvement out of them.”

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