Gaines Shares His Thoughts On Spring Ball

Missouri Tigers senior cornerback Edwin "E.J" Gaines spoke to and shared his thoughts on his last go around of spring football as a Tiger and what he is looking forward to in 2013

Near the end of his final spring at Missouri, senior corner Edwin Gaines took time to speak with about spring football.

“I feel like I’ve had a pretty good spring ball,” said Gaines, talking about his individual performance this spring. “I don’t really get all that many chances in the spring. I mean, I try to do what I can with the chances that I get. I’ve definitely played alright for spring.”

Late this spring, Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel was asked what Gaines needs to do to become a better player?

“I think just the consistency of high level play,” replied Coach Pinkel. “That’s really the bottom line of how you do it. How you do that is just great focus. I mean, he’s always been a great practice player. That’s why he’s played well in games.”

As a senior, and Missouri’s top corner, Gaines is the leader of his position group.

“I definitely feel like the team has definitely competed (well),” explained Gaines. “It’s nice to be a part of the senior class, to be able to lead these guys. Just coming out and seeing the way that we’re competing is definitely good.”

He talked about some of the other guys at his position.

“They’re competing for the starting position, and for the number three (corner) position,” explained Gaines. “It’s definitely a lot of competition at the corner position, with Randy Ponder, Xavier Smith, David Johnson, and John Gibson…………………………………….. So, you can just tell how people are competing, and definitely maturing. It’s exciting to be able to watch the guys compete at the corner position.”

Gaines has taken RSF corner John Gibson under his wing.

“John’s been playing great this whole spring! I mean, he’s made so many plays,” explained Gaines, talking about Gibson. “He’s leading the board in points. We just scored the board, and he’s definitely leading the corners by a lot…........................................................ And, he’s been going against the ones, the starting offense. It’s nice to see him (do well) because I’ve definitely seen how he’s worked over the off-season to get better, and gain a little bit of weight, and doing all of the things that the coaches are asking him to do. So, it’s nice to see.”

Gaines is already planning to take Missouri’s incoming freshmen, Aarion Penton and Anthony Sherrils, under his wing, beginning with their arrival in June.

“Definitely,” said Gaines, talking about taking the incoming freshmen under his wing. “I actually know (Anthony Sherrils). He’s from Kansas City.”

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