Wilson Happy To Be The Man In The Middle

Missouri senior LB Andrew Wilson flashes a big smile when he talks about the move inside to play middle linebacker in the Tigers defense this spring and coming fall. He shared his thoughts recently with ShowMeMizzou.com.

Missouri senior LB Andrew Wilson flashed a big smile when I asked him about moving into the middle this year. Playing middle linebacker, he feels like he’s finally at home.

“I’m really liking it a lot at middle linebacker,” Wilson. “I’m really comfortable there, and I’m really enjoying it. I’m having a good time.”

Wilson’s idea of having a good time usually involves knocking somebody backwards. He’s in the best shape that I’ve seen him, and he’s moving better than ever, including doing a better job of getting back into pass coverage.

Near the end of the spring, Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel talked about Wilson as one of the team leaders.

“I think with a player of his level, I think it’s real important when you’ve played a couple of real good years of football, to be able to come back and up those two years,” explained Coach Pinkel. “And that’s hard to do! It’s done, but it takes a lot of focus and it takes a lot of determination. And, he has that.”

“The leadership part of it is huge! He’s very well respected by his teammates,” continued Coach Pinkel. “And, I think he’s done a better job of vocal leadership.”

Wilson was asked about how the defense played this spring?

“The defense, we’re just executing real well right now,” explained Wilson. “We’re communicating. Everybody’s starting to gel together. We’ve got a lot of returning guys, but the new players are starting to really execute, and play well together.”

This spring, Coach Pinkel has repeatedly talked about the relatively high number of young players who are ready to play, and getting close to being ready to play. Andrew Wilson talked about what he’s looking for from the young defensive players.

“The freshmen and everybody has just got to step it up,” explained Wilson. “You know, everybody’s got to elevate their game every spring and fall.”

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