Boehm The Center Of Attention This Spring

Early this spring, sophomore offensive lineman, Evan Boehm, made the move from guard to center. As time went on and spring ball wrapped up it appeared as though the move will pay off for both player and team.

Early this spring, sophomore offensive lineman, Evan Boehm, made the move from guard to center. At the time, I thought it was a smart move, and throughout the spring, Boehm continued to improve at the position. During the final week or two of spring practice, Boehm appeared to have become accustomed to the position, as he had nearly eliminated any bad snaps, and he was beginning to assert not only his physical presence, but also his leadership, in the middle of Missouri’s offensive line.

Early in the spring, Missouri Offensive Coordinator and Co-Offensive Line Coach, Josh Henson, talked about moving Boehm to center.

“Potentially, down the road at the next level, that’s probably what Evan’s going to be,” explained Coach Henson, talking about Boehm’s move to center. “You know, just looking at body style, body type, and arm length. The ability is there……………………………………………….. Also, he brings a great command presence. He brings a really nice demeanor to the middle of the line, making sure everything’s right, and the calls are right.”

Boehm intimated that he had asked Coach Pinkel and Coach Henson for the opportunity to play center. By the end of the spring, Boehm had played so well at center that his having moved to center was not even being talked about. Attaining obscurity may very well be the ultimate goal for an offensive lineman.

“I’ve got to keep working on it,” said Boehm, talking about playing center. “I’ve got to keep working to improve each and every day.”

Throughout the spring, I saw that Boehm had taken charge of the offensive line.

“I’m comfortable with (taking charge),” explained Boehm. “I feel like I know the offense. So, I can make the calls. That’s something that goes with the position.”

It’s also Boehm’s responsibility to help establish the tempo Missouri’s fast-paced offensive attack.

“We’ve got to get the tempo down,” explained Boehm. “That’s one thing that lies on my shoulders is that I’ve got to make the calls and snap the ball.”

“I’m getting better each and every day,” said Boehm. “I’ve still got a lot of work to do.”

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