Scherer Emerges This Spring

One of those promising young players who has quickly moved up onto the two-deep is RSF LB Michael Scherer. spoke with him about his spring and emerging with his play and on the depth chart.

Several times this spring, Coach Pinkel talked about having quite a number of young players who are on the cusp of being ready to play. One of those promising young players who has quickly moved up onto the two-deep is RSF LB Michael Scherer, who rose to number two on the Depth Chart this spring at the middle linebacker position.

Scherer really impressed with his quickness, and with his pass coverage ability, as well as with his physical style of play.

Toward the end of the spring, Scherer took a few minutes to speak with, and he talked about spring football, and playing linebacker at Missouri.

“I’m just working on getting better,” said Scherer, talking about his day-to-day approach. “I’m trying to learn the playbook, and making sure I’ve got everything inside and out……………………………………… I just got to take it day by day. I’m trying to do what I can, and see where it takes me.”

Scherer is very quick, and plays with real good physicality.

“I love the physical stuff,” said Scherer. "I love being inside. I just like being in the action all of the time.”

Scherer reported on his spring testing numbers. Scherer 6’2” 235 ran a 4.62 forty this spring. He posted a 37” standing vertical and a 4.19 second shuttle. He also registered 28 reps at 225 pounds in the bench press.

Scherer talked about what he needs to work on as he continues to improve.

“The main thing is that I have to improve on my coverage,” said Scherer. “I definitely have to work on my man coverage……………………………………….. Mainly, I have to work on man-to-man pass coverage, but just pass coverage in general.”

Scherer talked specifics about pass coverage.

“I’m working on it, but I need a lot of work in man-to-man,” said Scherer, who identified slot receiver Jimmie Hunt as the biggest challenge any of the linebackers see in man-to-man pass coverage. “Zone coverage is usually not a problem. I can get my drop. I know where I’m supposed to be. I can usually pick up a man in my zone. Out of the backfield is usually not a problem. I can get that pretty good. But, in the linebacker room, it’s the guy in the slot, when we have to match up man-to-man with a guy like Jimmie Hunt.”

Scherer just laughed at the thought of he and his fellow linebackers going over film of their man-to-man match-ups with Hunt.

“When you’ve got guys like that, it’s just something that you’ve got to work on,” said Scherer. “You’ve got to realize your weaknesses, and get better.”

The red-shirt freshman talked goals.

“I just want to get better fundamentally,” explained Scherer. “Obviously, that goes along with getting better in pass coverage, and shedding blocks, and stuff like that. And, just knowing where I’m supposed to be. I feel like, right now, I have a pretty good grip on the playbook. I’m not making as many errors as I made last fall, which has helped me out a lot, you know, being in the right spot at the right time.”

“Also, I want to do what I can on special teams,” continued Scherer. “Climb up the depth on special teams, and keep climbing up the depth at linebacker.”

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