Coach Hill's Take On The Tiger QBs For 2013

As Missouri heads into the 2013 season opener, Missouri Assistant Coach Andy Hill took time to speak with about Missouri's quarterbacks. We share his take on the QB situation for the 2013 season.

As Missouri heads into the 2013 season opener, Missouri Assistant Coach Andy Hill took time to speak with about Missouri’s quarterbacks.

“I’m looking for (James Franklin) to make a bunch of plays,” said Coach Hill, talking about James Franklin. “He’s really talented! He’s got great decision-making. He can run. He can throw. He’s just a very talented young man. He’s a great kid! I just feel real good about what he’s doing…………………………………………. (After last year) I think he’s hungry to get out there and get after it. He’s a very good football player. He’s a great kid. And, I’m looking forward to him doing a lot of good things for us.”

Coach Hill talked about what they’re looking for from Maty Mauk.

“We’re really looking for the guy to come in and do what James is doing,” explained Coach Hill. “Hopefully, we’re playing consistent football, and we’re moving the chains and scoring points. And there should be a guy, he should be able to come in and do the same thing. I think that, you know, we’re not going to sit around and 'we need now do this because Maty’s in the game'. We’re going to run our offense, and that’s what we do.”

“Corbin (Berkstresser) and Eddie (Printz) will be up with us a lot (during practice), and they’ll be down on the scout team during the throwing periods,” explained Coach Hill. “You can only get a couple of guys ready. There’s only so many reps. We’re only (practicing) two teams, now.”

When I asked Coach Hill if Printz is going to play this year, he said, “You never know.”

“He is very talented,” said Coach Hill, as he began to talk about Eddie Printz. “Those guys, they’re all different. You know, it’s not like we’ve got guys who sit in the pocket and throw the football. Or, we have guys who can run like Brad Smith. Everybody kind of has their own abilities. And so, we’re trying to maximize whatever, whoever that guy pulling the trigger is going to be. But, Eddie is a fantastic thrower. He ran a similar type of thing in his high school career. It seems to be natural for him, you know, the decision-making and the leading. There’s a lot of positives of what he’s shown.”

As long as Franklin remains healthy, it appears that the plan is for Printz to red-shirt this year. But it seems clear that Coach Hill likes what Printz brings to the position.

Coach Hill intimated that Trent Hosick will work with the scout team against Missouri’s defense during practice.

“Trent’s going to be down doing the scout team stuff,” explained Coach Hill, who went on to say that running the scout team is an excellent opportunity for Hosick to improve as a quarterback. “He’s competitive. Everybody wants to play. Whatever you put in front of him, he’s going to attack…………………………………………. There’s a good chance he’ll get a lot more reps during practice than probably all of those other guys. But at the same time, he’s always up for a challenge.”

Coach Hill indicated that there will be a big competition in the spring to determine Franklin’s successor.

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