Tiger Players Have Message About Mizzou

This week some Missouri Tiger football players were asked what message they would say about Mizzou to prospective football recruits considering the Tigers.

Earlier this week, Missouri players Henry Josey and Aarion Penton were each asked what they would say about Missouri to a prospective recruit?

Penton was asked what he would say to a prospective recruit from his home town of St. Louis?

“I would tell them to take a visit (to Missouri),” said Penton, who played his high school ball at CBC in St. Louis. “I mean, you get five officials. Man, there’s tons of colleges out there, but for you being in your home state, take (an official visit) in your home state. People talk about Alabama and stuff, but mainly their recruits are from Alabama. I mean, it’s trying something new, but (Missouri’s) a family atmosphere. If you come (to Missouri), you’ll love it! Most definitely!”

Josey, who is from Angleton, Texas, was asked what he would say to a prospective recruit?

“Why wouldn’t you come here?” replied Josey. “That’s the question that I would ask. Why are you asking yourself? There’s no question!”

Josey went on to talk about his relationship with Coach Pinkel.

“Coach Pinkel is the same person that he was when he come to my home and sat on my couch,” explained Josey. “He’s become like a father-figure to me. We’ve (developed) a close relationship.”

Josey said that Coach Pinkel has taught him to “be a man”.

“Just being a man,” explained Josey. “That’s something that (Coach Pinkel) always talks to us about, is just being a man, and treating people with respect.”

Josey went on to talk about this year’s Missouri team.

“When I first got here, you could see the closeness of the team,” explained Josey. “But, this is the closest that I’ve ever seen us as a team……………………………… It’s just different here. You can go anywhere else, and nobody talks about how the family atmosphere somewhere else is better than ours here. You can really come here and find your brother that you didn’t live with your whole life. You feel like he’s been living with you, was raised with you, slept in the bed with you. It’s crazy just how close we are, and just how everyone here is, just all sports, and how close together everybody is. The family-type atmosphere that the coaches show us just brings everybody together.”

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