Singleton Starting To See The Field More

Missouri Tigers junior safety Duron Singleton is starting to get some more playing time lately, including against Tennessee. He spoke with about it, and his first season as a Tiger so far.

Against Tennessee, Missouri played more with their nickel personnel than they had against other recent, more run-oriented opponents like South Carolina and Florida. That provided an opportunity for more playing time for junior safety Duron Singleton to get on the field. Actually, Singleton, who is the number two nickel back, played quite a bit more against Tennessee than he had in any other game this season, maybe almost as much as all other games combined. Against Tennessee, Singleton rotated with Ian Simon on a 1-to-2 basis.

Earlier this week, Singleton took a few minutes to speak with about his increased role, and how he’s made the adjustment from junior college to the SEC. Singleton is quickly developing a reputation as a big hitter, so more playing time gives him more of an opportunity to hit somebody.

“(Hitting people) is my favorite part of the game,” explained Singleton. “I’m just trying to bring it! I’m still learning everything, still getting in better shape, you know, getting where I need to be. I feel like as time goes on, I’ll be right where I need to be.”

I asked Singleton what he needs to do to get better?

“Just little stuff,” replied Singleton. “Just making sure that I keep my eyes in the right spot.”

“Coach Grinch is just telling me to make sure that I keep my eyes where they need to be,” explained Singleton. “Don’t go until you know, basically.”

Singleton said that he expects his increased playing time to continue.

“It should pick up,” explained Singleton, talking about his playing time. “I’m going to rotate, still. (Kentucky’s) going to be a big game for both of us.”

I asked Singleton about defending the screens that have at times been effective against Missouri this season?

“I know everybody is going to come out and try to run screens against us,” acknowledged Singleton. “We’ve been working on it. We definitely are going to try to limit that.”

Singleton said that he really likes it here at Missouri.

“I love it here,” said Singleton. “I love my teammates! I’m excited to be here! I love Mizzou! I love my teammates. The coaches are great.”

Singleton is really enjoying his first season at Missouri. And, he has plans to work hard during the upcoming off-season to take full advantage of his senior season.

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