Wallace Shares Details Of His Missouri Visit

The Missouri Tigers hosted one of their top remaining targets for their 2014 football recruiting class over the weekend, who got to see the Tigers historic victory over Texas A&M, which helped seal the deal on the SEC East title. He talks about his visit with ShowMeMizzou.com

The Missouri Tigers hosted possibly their top remaining target for their 2014 recruiting class in St. Louis (MO) CBC OT Brian Wallace 6'6" 302 over the weekend and for their biggest game of the year against Texas A&M, which turned out to be a 28-21 win, that allowed them to capture the SEC East title.

ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with Brian Wallace and his father, Brian Sr., to find out how his official visit to Mizzou went.

"I really liked it. I enjoyed it a lot!," said Wallace. " I have been to Mizzou before, but I really got to learn a lot more about the school and football program in every aspect. I really liked learning about the academic side of things more, including about my major, which is going to be psychology. I also got to spend time with Aarion Penton, who was my host, and learn all about the social aspect of  life being there at Mizzou. It was pretty fun seeing how college life is. I feel really comfortable about Missouri and with everything I learned. It's a family atmosphere, good football, and good academic wise, which is very important to me."

Wallace, who said he got to spend a lot of time with Missouri commit Marvin Zanders, who was also on his official visit, also sat with Missouri 2014 OG commit Andy Bauer during the game.

"It was fun getting to know Marvin. His host was also Aarion's roommate, so the four of us hung out a lot. It was also cool to sit with Andy and be able to talk about what was going on during the game on the field. Andy was talking to me about coming to Mizzou with him and we talked about how we could make history there together if we both went there. The game was exciting and the atmosphere was great. After they won I got to go in the locker room and it was crazy. Everyone was so loud and happy," Wallace said.

Brian got the chance to talk with Missouri coaches Henson, Walker, Ivy, Ford and Coach Pinkel. He said he enjoyed his talks with Coach Henson and Coach Pinkel a lot.

"Coach Henson and I talked about my future and where he saw me if I came to Missouri. He said that they would like to keep me on the right side of the line as I have been playing in high school. We talked about how they saw me developing as a player, and how they saw me possibly playing early, as soon as I was ready physically and both they thought I was ready and I felt ready. He said I was their number one target at offensive tackle, which was great to hear. It was also great to sit down and meet with Coach Pinkel and my parents before I left. He let me know that they want me at Missouri, but he also talked about me as a person, and talked a lot about academics. I liked that."

Wallace said that among the players he met that one moment stood out to him.

"I got to meet Evan Boehm and he shook my hand and said to me, I want you to be part of this. I want you to join the family and be part of history. That really stood out in my mind," he said.

As far as his overall impression of Missouri following his official visit?

"I feel strongly about Mizzou. They were the first school to offer me. It would be great to be able to play in the SEC and so close to home. First though I have two more official visits I have to get out of the way and see about those schools before I make a decision. I go to Arkansas next weekend and Alabama the weekend of the 13th. Then I will make my decision on January 4th during the US Army All-American bowl game."

Brian's final decision will be made from between Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas and Alabama.

Despite the success he has had and the attention he has received during his recruitment, Brian Wallace is still striving and working hard to be the best he can possibly be.

"I feel great about the attention and everything, but I don't pay attention to stars or rankings. I feel that you always have to keep striving and working hard because there is someone coming up behind you that is working hard to be better then you. So you never stop and feel like you can't be better then you are now."

Brian's dad, Brian Wallace Sr., shared his thoughts on his son's visit to Mizzou.

"I was thoroughly impressed as a parent with the overall experience. I have been there when they have lost and tears were flowing everywhere. And I have now seen the greatest moment of the program. Everyone there is great. I do think getting to speak with Coach Pinkel and getting to find out what a good guy he is was great both for Brian and myself," he said.

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