McWilliams Talks About His Missouri Visit

Pensacola (FL) DE Rocel McWilliams spoke with following his official visit to the University of Missouri, about how his trip went, and where things stand now with his commitment to the Tigers. Did the visit change things? Come inside and find out...

Missouri commit from Pensacola (FL) West Florida, DE Rocel McWilliams, was among the double digit official visitors on campus at Mizzou this weekend. He spoke with on he trip back home to talk about how things went with his visit.

"It was pretty good," said McWilliams."I had a really good time there. We arrived late at around 3pm and ate lunch. Then we met up with our position coaches, which was Coach Kul for me. And then we met up with our hosts, which was Nate Crawford and we ate dinner. After that we all hung out and played video games with the other recruits and players."

It was McWilliams first trip to Missouri and he said it was what he thought it would be.

"It was exactly what I thought it would be. It was a small college town with a good campus. Everyone was like a family there. We all bonded right away, the players and the recruits. I hung out with Shaun Rupert, Shane Ray and met some good recruits visiting like Christian Campbell and Dewayne Hendrix who were real cool. Nobody was putting anyone down or nobody was left out. It was all together having fun and enjoying spending time with each other. Everyone had each others backs," he said.

I asked Rocel what stood out for him the most that he would take away from his visit?

"Like I said, just the bonding and togetherness. How it's like a big family. That and meeting with Coach Pinkel, who was real cool. He talked about how I'm a key recruit for them, and about the defense and how they want to use me, and that they have wanted me all along. That was good."

So, where does his commitment to Missouri stand now?

"I'm solidly committed to Missouri right now. I'm all in with Mizzou in my mind. The visit helped me with that. I still have to go home and talk it over with my parents. My Dad is a big Gator fan and he likes Florida, but they will let me decide where I want to go. In my mind I am all Mizzou, but I will see what they say when I get home and we will figure it out," McWilliams said.

However, when I pushed him about whether this meant Florida was no longer in the picture as a possible destination for him, he was a little more vague.

"Everybody will know come signing day," he said with a chuckle.

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