Coach Henson Shares Thoughts Of Spring Ball

Missouri Tigers offensive coordinator Josh Henson took some time to speak with about what he has seen from his offense before they headed off to spring break, and what he would like to see going forward in this interview.

Following a recent practice, spoke with Missouri Offensive Coordinator Josh Henson, and he talked Spring Football, including the offensive line, tight ends, and a couple of the quarterbacks.

Coach Henson said that it's not set in stone that Mitch Morse will hold on to the left tackle job, but he did say that he's "feeling comfortable with (Morse at left tackle) right now, just because of the way he's playing".    "He can do it,"    said Coach Henson, speaking of Morse playing left tackle.    "He's been playing well."

Coach Henson also said that he was pleased with the job that Connor McGovern is doing at right tackle.

"You know what?   I've been really, really pleased with (Connor McGovern at right tackle),"    said Coach Henson.   "I think Connor has exceeded my expectations at tackle so far.   He's done a nice job!"

Coach Henson talked about the need to continue to develop depth up front.   He said that the staff will evaluate possibly moving some young guys up after they come back from Spring Break.

"It's a double-edge sword when you're shuffling guys around,"    explained Coach Henson.    "You know, obviously, you get experience at different spots.   But you don't get to stay in the same spot and get really good there.   So, we've got to come back after Spring Break, and evaluate where we think our competition is at in the line, and kind of go from there."

He said that he'd like to see some of the young guys move up.

"There are a couple of guys in that second group that are playing pretty good,"     explained Coach Henson.    "And so, we've got to give those guys an opportunity with the first group, to see what they do."

Coach Henson said that he'd like to get the ball to the tight ends."We need to get the tight end more involved,"     said Coach Henson.   "We do.   And, we will."

Coach Henson then talked about the Missouri quarterbacks.

"I feel like Maty (Mauk) is doing a pretty good job,"    said Coach Henson.    "And I know he's really in to it.   He's studying really hard.    You know, we've just got to get more consistent in our execution."

"Eddie (Printz) has got a really strong arm and a really quick release,"      said Coch Henson.     "And I think as he gets more and more comfortable with his reads and as he grows, I think he's going to get better and better.      His strong suit is probably how he throws the football.    He's really good at throwing the ball, and he's accurate with the football.     You know, I think he brings a guy who is going to be a big-time passer, as he develops."

Coach Henson talked also about TB Morgan Steward.

"I don't know that Morgan is quite (at the same level as Hansbrough and Murphy) yet, but I think he's really gotten better,"      said Coach Henson.     "You know, I really do!     I think Morgan's really coming along.    I like what I've seen so far (of him) this spring.      I think he's a little bit different runner, but I don't think you have to change the offense for him.     He's a little bit bigger guy, you know, and he's a little bit more of a slasher.     You know, I mean, he's going to hit the hole and maybe move the pile a little bit more than those other guys are.     But I like what Morgan's done so far.      You know, he's being aggressive with hitting his cuts.      He's not dancing a lot.     As a big guy, that's what you want him to do……………………………………  I think he's making good decisions.     I like what Morgan's done so far this spring." 

Coach Henson spoke in general about tailoring the offense to the players on the field.    He said that they're working on the option, but its utilization during the season would ultimately depend on how well the personnel on the field is able to execute that particular play.      Coach Henson is very much about running the plays that his players are good at, and doing what is working.   

"If we can get good at it, we'll run it,"    explained Coach Henson, specifically referring to the speed option, which was so effective for Missouri a year ago. "If not, we'll find other ways to attack the defense."

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